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Miami Honda Civic Specials

Now at Brickell Honda new specials are being offered! Come in today for a test drive!


Accord Deals at Honda Miami

Now at Brickell Honda new specials are being offered! Come in today to take advantage of these offers!

New Odyssey Best Pick

The new 2011 Honda Odyssey which debuts in the fall will be a great investment for your family. Holiday time means guaranteed shopping and road trips to visit relatives. With a bigger and more spacious seating area, these things will be done more comfortably than ever and in style. Fifteen cup holders and a cooler under the dashboard avoid many messes and add convenience. The removable bin between the front seats can store all the kids’ toys to keep them busy on the long drive. If that is not enough then the screens can provide entertainment while they watch movies on bigger, clearer screens.

The sleek design of the new Odyssey proves the boring stereotype that usually accompanies the title of a minivan wrong. It will also have a 3.5 liter VTEC V6 engine so that drivers can reach their loved ones faster. Day trips, shopping trips, and road trips will all become simpler. The auto industry will be shocked by this new car which is expected to revolutionize the minivan market. Both moms and dads will love driving the Odyssey making it the ideal family car for the holidays. Visit your local miami dealership to inquire about this great vehicle!

Get the best deal on Used Cars in Miami

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

It is no secret that the “Cash for Clunkers” program was a rousing success for auto dealers everywhere. Over 700,000 used cars were traded in for new cars, and automakers and dealers actually suffered a severe shortage of new vehicles. This has also affected the supply of used cars, because there are a whole lot less to go around these days. As the laws of money go, the more rare something is, and the more people want that something, the higher prices go. Long story short, thanks to Cash for Clunkers, used car prices have skyrocketed, and new vehicle prices have jumped as well.

With all that being said, if you are looking to buy a car, but would like to save money by buying a used vehicle, then why not ensure that you are getting a quality product? Miami’s Brickell Honda offers Honda Certified Used Cars, which are arguably the best deal on used vehicles out there. Not only do you get the quality and longevity that comes with every Honda, but you get a CARFAX®-certified automobile that comes with a 7 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Only vehicles with less than 80,000 miles or younger than six years old or less are eligible to wear the “Certified” tag. Also, each Certified Honda undergoes a 150-point inspection before it can wear the “Certified” tag. Once you decide on a certified used Honda, then you can take advantage of Honda financing, and Brickell’s Honda financing experts will work with you to build a financing plan that is right for your budget. Certified Used Hondas: if you’re looking into buying used, then there is no better way to go.

Get a Great deal on your next visit to the dealership

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Its no surprise many people dread visiting their local auto dealer. Long lines, price haggling and pushy salesman alone will eliminate any desires of purchasing a new car. In a perfect world, potential car owners could walk into a dealership with no obligation to purchase a new vehicle. What if we told you we are living in that perfect world? With over 100 dealerships in the Miami area all catering to different makes including Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Acura, and Ford, we can name a few dealerships that make customers feel secure and safe. Some of the popular Miami dealerships include Braman Motors, Brickell Motors, South Motors and Maroone.

The key to getting a great deal on your next car purchase is competition. Every auto dealer around the block is competing with one another to give you the best deal; use this against them. When competing for good car prices remember to be persistent and patient, remember that this is a trial and error process. If one auto dealer doesn’t budge, visit the next dealership that meets your needs. A number of websites have extensive free information on car prices and other matters. These include edmunds, carprice and kbb.