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Miami Honda Civic Specials

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Honda Drivers Remain Loyal

Honda vehicles are designed to simply satisfy customers and give drivers full loyalty over purchased vehicles. As we all know trust in an investment takes time to achieve therefore this reputation has taken Honda many years to build. Recently, Consumer Reports held a survey which stated that Honda is the brand with the highest loyalty at 68 percent passing Toyota and Ford. These 68 percent of people are current owners of Honda vehicles whom are likely to purchase another Honda for their new car.

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These cars are all very fuel efficient and their power and popularity continues to

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South Miami Green Goal

Honda has made a name for itself on providing Honda South Florida enthusiasts with the most reliable fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. However, with rival automakers trailing behind and pushing MPG as a priority, Honda is focusing all its efforts on fuel efficiency for the next generation new cars to arrive at a Miami Honda dealer near you.

EPA rates have shown that Honda as one of the nations automakers that provide fuel efficient vehicles that average 23.6 mpg however, Hyundai has bumped up to Honda at 23.9 mpg. With this competitive following Honda has increased the number of Hybrids for Miami Honda lovers to include the new 2010 Honda CR-Z and the Honda Fit Hybrid. There has been so a lot of emphasis  on the fuel efficiency initiative that Honda was said to push their next generation HondaCivic back in order to update the design to be more affordable and eco friendly.

The initiatives that Honda is looking to achieve only make the Honda brand stronger. Honda is looking to strengthen their customer base in order to make Miami South Florida drivers happy and content with their new vehicles.

Honda Civic Update

Miami New Car

Miami Civic owners know that the Honda Civic has been the same for the past 5 years however, they should know Honda has taken notice. This change is going to be viewed with the introduction of the next generation Civic that will be set to release at local Miami car dealerships by the end of 2012 and will go on sale as a 2013 model.

Honda is looking to focus on some feature upgrades that include earth friendly specs like consumption reduction and emissions that include improving the current details and equipment of the interior without affecting the sales price.

Honda has already started testing out the future Civic but the new version is well hidden under the body of the current Honda Civic model. Sources say that the 2013 Civic will get a CR-Z inspired face lift while keeping the same look of the CR-Z. Honda is looking to make a strong come back with this new futuristic vehicle.

Other specs include a low emission three-cylinder engine and a hybrid version featuring the same powertain as the CR-Z: a 1.5 liter engine assisted by an electric motor. Miami Honda owners can expect the new civic at their local Miami Honda dealer real soon and it will definitely be worth the wait.

Honda Hybrids Available at Miami Honda Dealers

Get the new Honda civic hybrid at a Miami Honda dealer near you today and save. Drive smarter with the Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan and get an estimated 45 mpg on the highway. No need to stop for frequent fill ups because this Honda car has an AT-PZEV CARB emissions rating and Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist IMA® System. The miles per gallon isn’t the only thing fantastic about this car, the modern and stylish interior makes this Civic sedan a catch.

The interior is available in leather trim, the USB Audio Interface[4] makes it easier to enjoy your music, and you’ll never be lost with the available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with voice recognition.

Entertainment for Your Weekend: Strange/Funny/Offensive? British Honda Commercial

Here is the latest installment of our recurring “entertainment for your weekend” series, since this afternoon is the beginning of the weekend for most people.

As you may already know we have a theory here: international commercials always seem to be either (a) a whole lot cooler or (b) pretty strange when compared to the ones stateside. The last commercial we posted, from Australia, was definitely in the “a” category. This one falls in neither category, but we’re quite sure that it would never make it onto television here in the US. So people of Miami: once again we present the international Honda commercial of the week, this time courtesy of Honda UK.

And in case you were wondering, the vehicle featured in this ad is the diesel-powered FR-V (known popularly as the “Honda Joy Machine”, which is not available in the United States. It could be compared most to a cross between CR-V, Civic, and Odyssey.

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Honda switching batteries to save space and weight; Should be in new Miami Hondas in 2-3 years.

According to a new Bloomberg interview with Honda Executive VP Koichi Kondo, Honda will begin using Lithium Ion batteries in the Honda Civic hybrid within 2-3 years.  This change is significant because all Honda hybrids currently use Nickel-Hydride batteries (which are also used by Toyota’s Prius). This is also significant because Lithium Ion batteries take up about half the amount of space nickel-hydride batteries do, which will help make future hybrids lighter and more fuel-efficient.  The car market as a whole is moving towards switching to Lithium-ion power, especially the makers of all-electric cars, for the same reasons. We’ll keep you posted on this as more information comes, so stay tuned.

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid

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