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Miami Honda Civic Specials

Now at Brickell Honda new specials are being offered! Come in today for a test drive!


South Florida Honda Increase

Honda Accord and Civic has been a main provider to Honda Motors sales growth of 6 percent in the past month. This is an amazing turnaround for Honda in their first half, especially with the struggle many automakers have been facing in the past year. In the first half of the year, Honda U.S. sales grew 12% to 593,909 vehicles up from 530,778 a year ago.

What makes Honda the best pick for many Miami South car owners is the new car and certified reliability that other automakers are not able to provide in today’s market. Many dealerships around the United States, including Miami dealerships, have seen great sales gains when it comes to the Honda Civic and Honda Accord; so much as double-digit sales gain.  With great Miami lease deals, service specials, and new innovative styles no wonder Honda has been a frontrunner in auto sales growth.

Honda Civic Update

Miami New Car

Miami Civic owners know that the Honda Civic has been the same for the past 5 years however, they should know Honda has taken notice. This change is going to be viewed with the introduction of the next generation Civic that will be set to release at local Miami car dealerships by the end of 2012 and will go on sale as a 2013 model.

Honda is looking to focus on some feature upgrades that include earth friendly specs like consumption reduction and emissions that include improving the current details and equipment of the interior without affecting the sales price.

Honda has already started testing out the future Civic but the new version is well hidden under the body of the current Honda Civic model. Sources say that the 2013 Civic will get a CR-Z inspired face lift while keeping the same look of the CR-Z. Honda is looking to make a strong come back with this new futuristic vehicle.

Other specs include a low emission three-cylinder engine and a hybrid version featuring the same powertain as the CR-Z: a 1.5 liter engine assisted by an electric motor. Miami Honda owners can expect the new civic at their local Miami Honda dealer real soon and it will definitely be worth the wait.

Honda Civics For Miami’s Young Adults


Interior of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is the ultimate car for the young and mobile crowd, especially when you buy it from Brickell Honda.

The Civic’s sleek design and eye-candy colors, coupled with Civic’s legendary durability and reliability, together with a wide range of options (coupe or sedan? Sport or fuel-efficiency tuned? Etc.) and fantastic fuel-efficiency ratings make it one of the best cars our there for the young adult (or adult and young at heart) crowd.

But there’s more– there are a wide range of financing options available for those who would like to purchase a Civic-this summer, there are several options available, including a special program for recent college graduates. To get more information, visit Brickell Honda’s financing page here.

Last but not least, the Civic is the best car for Miami’s young adults because when you buy a new Civic at Brickell Honda; you will get a FREE ipad. That’s right, a FREE iPad. Sounds like a great deal to me. Visit Brickell Honda online today to get more information about all the great offers mentioned here.

Shop Honda Civic vs. the Toyota Corolla in Miami

2010 Honda Civic Sedan Available at your Miami Dealership

Are you wondering whether to get a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla in Miami? The better choice of the two proves to be the Honda Civic with its high fuel economy performance, among other things. describes the compact Civic as “one of our top compact-car picks in its fifth year on the market speaks volumes about Honda’s commitment to excellence with this bread-and-butter vehicle.” The Civics high crash test scores prove that it is capable of getting you safely through Miami streets. The Civic is also available as a Sedan or Coupe, each accommodating to specific driver tastes and fads. A much more powerful car than the Corolla, the Civic has a horsepower engine of 140 while the Corolla only has 132 hp.  The Honda Civic also comes with extra features that the Corolla doesn’t come with such as a sunroof, rear spoiler, audio control on steering wheel, and subwoofers. Visit your Miami dealer to see what special lease packages are being offered on the 2010 Honda Civic.

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