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Miami Honda Civic Specials

Now at Brickell Honda new specials are being offered! Come in today for a test drive!


Brickell Motors: Miami Honda Convenience is Key

Brickell Motors, Miami Honda dealership, has a priority in making happy customers while making their lives a little bit easier. They also know that convenience is something every customer is looking for when purchasing a car from any dealership. That is why Brickell Motors has extended their service hours, to accommodate the needs of their clients. Brickell knows that people’s days are getting longer and sometimes it is impossible to make it to the dealership Service Department before five to service their Honda Civic or Accord. Brickell is looking to satisfy the needs of their consumers and that is why from Tuesday to Thursday you can expect to find Brickell Motors Service Department open until 8pm, which not many Miami car dealers can say they do. Brickell is making the extra effort to make their Miami South clients lives a little bit easier during these long South Florida summers.

Spotlight on the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is the epitome of chic style and high performance. Choose between a smooth-shifting 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission for the ride of your life at any local Honda dealer. Whether you like the sleek coupe or 4-door sedan , the Civic is a fun drive.

Powerful braking is achieved with front disc and rear drum brakes on DX and LX vehicles. Wondering whether to get a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla? Well, The Honda Civic has a more spacious interior, not to mention a better driving position, making the car feel lower and wider than the Corolla. Maybe you thought about getting a Nissan Sentra? Again, the Civic pulls ahead with 29-36 miles per gallon highway ratings

The Honda Civic has excellent gas mileage, making its fuel economy extremely impressive. Come and see for yourself and test-drive one today at your South Florida Honda dealership.

The new Honda Civic is styled to move you on any Miami commute day!

The New Greener Civic

Honda realizes the importance of the environment, so when it came time to make their cars they made sure they did what they could to make their cars as fuel efficient as possible, without loosing comfort or style. All of these earth friendly features can be found in the 2010 Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has been on the car market for over three decades and continues to be a leader of compact cars. The Civic car car is available in a coupe or sedan body style, giving consumers the opportunity to pick the style that fits them best.

The Honda Civic comes in five different trim levels and there is even the Honda Civic Sedan Hybrid. The hybrid still has ll of the same comforts that the Honda Civic is known for but with an Advanced Technology Partial-Zero-Emission Vehicle rating. Lowering the impact of the Honda Civic even more. The Honda Civic Sedan is also available in a GX level which is America’s cleanest mass-production internal-combustion engine car.

Everyone has been working their hardest to preserve the environment and keep it clean. The Honda Civic continues to be one of the most reliable and now eco-friendly vehicles on the road over three decades since it was introduced. And now getting the Miami Civic at the best price is within reach at your local Miami dealer.

Honda Civics For Miami’s Young Adults


Interior of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is the ultimate car for the young and mobile crowd, especially when you buy it from Brickell Honda.

The Civic’s sleek design and eye-candy colors, coupled with Civic’s legendary durability and reliability, together with a wide range of options (coupe or sedan? Sport or fuel-efficiency tuned? Etc.) and fantastic fuel-efficiency ratings make it one of the best cars our there for the young adult (or adult and young at heart) crowd.

But there’s more– there are a wide range of financing options available for those who would like to purchase a Civic-this summer, there are several options available, including a special program for recent college graduates. To get more information, visit Brickell Honda’s financing page here.

Last but not least, the Civic is the best car for Miami’s young adults because when you buy a new Civic at Brickell Honda; you will get a FREE ipad. That’s right, a FREE iPad. Sounds like a great deal to me. Visit Brickell Honda online today to get more information about all the great offers mentioned here.

Amazing June Honda Service Specials

Brickell Honda has just announced their new June service specials. What makes these specials so appealing is they are accompanied with new extended service hours. Meaning, if your stuck at work or have no time during the day to bring your Honda Civic or Accord in for service you can be assured that Tuesday through Wednesday the service department will be open until 8:00pm.

The specials you can expect for the month of June are $24.95 oil changes, front breaks starting at $109.95, and a FREE Multi-Point Inspection. Tax and shop supplies not include, and coupon cannot be combined with any other offers.

Do not wait any longer come by the service department or make an appointment online, and take advantage of the these great specials, no other Miami car dealers can offer the best service specials on your Honda Civic and Accord other then Brickell Honda.