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South Miami Green Goal

Honda has made a name for itself on providing Honda South Florida enthusiasts with the most reliable fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. However, with rival automakers trailing behind and pushing MPG as a priority, Honda is focusing all its efforts on fuel efficiency for the next generation new cars to arrive at a Miami Honda dealer near you.

EPA rates have shown that Honda as one of the nations automakers that provide fuel efficient vehicles that average 23.6 mpg however, Hyundai has bumped up to Honda at 23.9 mpg. With this competitive following Honda has increased the number of Hybrids for Miami Honda lovers to include the new 2010 Honda CR-Z and the Honda Fit Hybrid. There has been so a lot of emphasis  on the fuel efficiency initiative that Honda was said to push their next generation HondaCivic back in order to update the design to be more affordable and eco friendly.

The initiatives that Honda is looking to achieve only make the Honda brand stronger. Honda is looking to strengthen their customer base in order to make Miami South Florida drivers happy and content with their new vehicles.


Honda Ranked most Comitted to Quality

Honda LogoA recent survey given by, Jeff Bartlett of the Consumer Reports National Research Center ranked Honda number one among seven major auto brands to be the most committed to customers and product quality.  The national survey consisted of 1700 telephone interviews among adults whose household owned at least one car.  Consumers ranked dealerships, including Miami Honda, a 71% for customer commitment and 73% for quality commitment, which beat other rivals such as Ford, Nissan, and Chevrolet.  The key to their success is Hondas reputation for building quality vehicles that have high performing Honda parts and accessories, and are economically friendly. Miami Car dealers that are also pre-owned dealerships take pride in carrying vehicles that consumers can drive off the lot as if they were new, because of the quality commitment that Honda provides and that is seen in surveys such as these.

The GMC Sierra 1500 Z60 is the Miami Truck for You!

April 12, 2010 1 comment

Lets face it, Miami isn’t the best city for off-roading. That is why the Sierra Z60 is the perfect vehicle for anyone living in Miami who likes to drive a powerful truck. The Sierra 1500 Pickup truck is capable of towing up to 10,700 lbs or hauling a payload up to 1,909 lbs. Some other pros that come

2010 GMC Sierra Z60 in Miami

with this powerful pick-up are a smooth and quiet ride, upscale interior and standard safety features. Antilock brakes (front disc, rear drum) are standard, with an all-disc setup available via the Max Trailering package on the Denali trim. A stability control system with roll-mitigating technology is also standard across the lineup, as are front-seat-mounted side airbags and side curtain airbags. In government crash tests, the 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 earns top five-star ratings for frontal collisions. Still not convinced? Visit your nearest GM Dealer in Miami to test drive the Sierra Z60.

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Miami Chooses Between the 2010 Honda Accord v. 2011 Hyundai Sonata

The competition between new vehicles in the market has made it extremely difficult for new car buyers to make a decision. Automobile makers are trying harder then ever to produce the top vehicle in the market. Two vehicles that are currently going head-to-head in the midsize sedan market are the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata. Although both vehicles have made their claims on which of the two is the better choice, we have gathered some facts for you that will hopefully make your decision an easier one:

Trim Level Match Up: The Accord proves to be the more expensive vehicle with an average MSRP of $1000 more per trim level. One advantage the Accord does have over the Sonata, is that it offers an EX-L V6 model. The Sonata on the other hand does not have a V-6 engine to compete with the Accord.

2010 Honda Accord

The object of his affections.

Performance: For those of you looking for a performance vehicle, the Accord proves to be the better choice. The Accord V-6 out powers the strongest Sonata engine by 71 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque, for much better acceleration response.

Comfort & Convenience: The Accord EX has slightly less interior volume then the Sonata due to its standard sunroof. However the EX has more hip room, shoulder room and significantly more rear legroom. Plus, the Accord LX has more interior volume than any Sonata, and adds more front headroom (+1.4‖) and rear headroom (+0.7‖) for greater all-around comfort!

Safety: The Accord is designed with an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, which enhances crash-energy management and crash compatibility. The Sonata has nothing like the Accord’s Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) to turn off the side airbag if a child or small-statured passenger is leaning into the airbag’s deployment path. Nor does Sonata have engine immobilizer technology to help prevent theft, another feature found on every Accord model!

Pricing: Although the Sonata is priced at a much lower cost, the Accord has a higher residual value. Not to mention the Sonatas maintenance and repair costs are much higher then the Accords.

Still not satisfied with the facts? Go to your local Miami dealer and test drive the two vehicles. Shopping for a new car in Miami is definitely not the easiest thing to do, however getting the facts on each vehicle can make your decision a lot easier.

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Shop Honda Civic vs. the Toyota Corolla in Miami

2010 Honda Civic Sedan Available at your Miami Dealership

Are you wondering whether to get a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla in Miami? The better choice of the two proves to be the Honda Civic with its high fuel economy performance, among other things. describes the compact Civic as “one of our top compact-car picks in its fifth year on the market speaks volumes about Honda’s commitment to excellence with this bread-and-butter vehicle.” The Civics high crash test scores prove that it is capable of getting you safely through Miami streets. The Civic is also available as a Sedan or Coupe, each accommodating to specific driver tastes and fads. A much more powerful car than the Corolla, the Civic has a horsepower engine of 140 while the Corolla only has 132 hp.  The Honda Civic also comes with extra features that the Corolla doesn’t come with such as a sunroof, rear spoiler, audio control on steering wheel, and subwoofers. Visit your Miami dealer to see what special lease packages are being offered on the 2010 Honda Civic.

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Miami Honda scored high in the J.D Power Reliability Rankings

Its no surprise Honda keeps getting awarded for its most reliable vehicles, as it has been one of the most highly acclaimed manufacturers for over a decade. J.D Power and Associates has now named it among the most reliable vehicles among mainstream automakers. The study done by J.D Power measures the number of problems experienced by car owners in their first three years of ownership. This study is known as one of the most reliable in the industry.

The Honda Fit scored high in the subcompact category, as it placed first in most reliable of its division. The Honda Accord was a runner up in the midsize vehicle category with the Buick Lacrosse and the Mercury Milan ahead of it. The Honda Ridgeline was the highest ranked mid-sized pickup. Many car buyers choose to shop Honda over other manufacturers because of its safety and reliability features. Miami dealers have seen a rise in Honda purchases over the past few months mainly due to the recent recalls undergone by Toyota.

Miami Dealer Sells Ridgeline

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For Miami Auto Lovers: Motor Trend Video- 65+ Mpg in the 2010 Honda Insight

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

In this video, Motor Trend Senior Editor Edward Loh demonstrates the 2010 Honda Insight by road-testing the automobiles’ fuel efficiency across a variety of driving conditions. See what Mr. Loh has to say about the Insight’s performance, creature comforts, and unique features.

The 2010 Honda Insight

If you would like to get some more information on the Insight, including a personalized quote, visit