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Parents Trust Miami Honda

Honda has prided itself on offering consumers the best and most reliable cars possible. When it comes to buying a car for your teenager trust Miami Honda, who consistently rate high in safety reports and first on many business journals’ lists for best cars for teenagers. Many Miami Honda dealers show rates of popularity among the younger community and state that the most popular cars for that age group are the used Accord sedan and Civic sedan.

Many may question, “Why is Honda the way to go?”. Well, here is your answer. Their cars have extremely highest frontal crash-test scores, get 40 mpg or more on the highway, and have the highest-possible ratings for predicted reliability and accident avoidance. Since budget is usually a concern and buying a new car for a 16 year old may seem ridiculous, Honda offers many used cars for sale that may be at the ideal price point for your new driver.

Overall, Honda is the smart choice because of their safety, value, reliability, and fuel efficiency. All these aspects, along with Honda services make this an easy decision. Choose Honda and you are deciding on what will give you the best bang for your buck and keep your teenager safe.


Your Miami Pre Owned Certified Vehicle: The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid


For over a decade Honda has been receiving accolades for its reliable and safe vehicles. One other plus to owning a Honda vehicle is its high resale value. Honda vehicles are one of the most durable vehicles on the market.   In 2009, Honda received an award from Kelly Blue Book for its high resale value namely for its Civic, Fit, and Odyssey vehicles. “Value is a keystone in the foundation of the Honda brand,” said Steven Center, vice president of advertising and public relations for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Being honored by Kelley Blue Book validates Honda’s commitment to supply products of the highest quality at a reasonable price.”

In addition to having a high resale value, many used Honda vehicles qualify as certified. Certified Honda vehicles go through a series of test and procedures, done by professional technicians, to verify that the vehicle is in top condition. One local Miami dealer is offering a Certified 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. The 4-door sedan comes in a Grey color with 33,000 miles. Visit the dealership to test drive this miami used car or contact them directly at 888-259-5362 to inquire information on this vehicle.




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Today’s Spotlight Preowned Vehicle in Miami: 2009 Honda Accord LX-S Coupe, This Can Be Yours!

Today’s Spotlight Preowned Vehicle is a Crystal Black Pearl 2009 Honda Accord LX-S Coupe. The sporty beaut only has 7,132 miles on the odometer, has a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine, and has a MPG rating of 21 city/30highway. This Preowned Honda is Certified used, which is a designation that can only be given to Hondas that can pass a rigid 150-point inspection, are less than six years old, and have under 80,000 miles. “Certified” also means that the car is eligible for special financing, and has a 7-year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. At Brickell, it also means that the car is a part of the exclusive “Brickell Plus” program, a special service and driver discount program that is only available at Brickell Motors. All of this is practically a steal for only $19,871!

Actual pictures of the car for sale are below. More information on this car is here.

To see this car in person, visit Brickell Honda, or call 888-329-7697 for more information.

Picture of Accord Coupe For Sale

Accord Coupe Front View

Steering Wheel and Dash View- Accord Coupe

Interior of Accord Coupe For Sale

Accord Coupe Rear-Passenger View

Front-Passenger view of Accord Coupe for sale

Leasing a New Honda Accord in Miami may be Cheaper than a Used Honda

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Frugal car buyers in Miami are considering buying a used car over a new car because they believe it is cheaper. There is not doubt one can find both vehicles at an extremely low price due to all the incentive programs passed by the government and car manufactures. However, making the right choice between the two can save you a lot of money in your pocket.

According to a recent study done by, deals on new cars are so inexpensive that it may be less expensive than buying a used vehicle of the same model. compared the vehicles’ True Market Value® transaction prices and the interest payments typically made for each vehicle. Because used/certified pre-owned cars are generally financed at a higher rate than new cars, a shopper can actually save money by purchasing a new vehicle instead of a used version in some cases. Consumers can save up to $600 by purchasing a new Honda Accord LX Miami over an older version of the vehicle, according to Edmunds total savings list. Savings of over $250 on the Honda Civic Hybrid is available when you purchase a new vehicle over a used vehicle.

Be sure to visit your local Honda Miami dealership to see the latest deals on new Honda vehicles. Shop Honda Miami  and enjoy every ride you take down Miami streets. Everyone loves a Honda, so should you!

The Rise in Demand for Used Cars affects Sales in Miami Dealerships

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment


The main focus on dealership sales usually comes from new vehicles yet now more than ever, people are looking for used vehicles. According to, used vehicle prices jumped to an average of 16 percent in October compared to last year. It seems consumers are willing to pay for used cars at whatever the cost may be, well at least to a certain extent. A lot of factors can be the cause for such high demands of used car vehicles, especially when supply is low. One reason might be the most recent incentive proposed by the government, Cash for Clunkers. Reports estimated that around 700,000 older vehicles that were traded in during the incentive were destroyed. These vehicles could have been potentially sold in the used car market for a good price. Now, new car sales are down and fewer customers are willing to trade in their used vehicles.

Demand for used vehicles seems to be going up due to the economic state. Traditional car buyers are not in the economic state to be purchasing new vehicles and since then have been on the market for used vehicles. More people are saving money and putting cash down on used vehicles. The fact that the credit market remains tight makes it difficult for buyers to finance new vehicles. Finding quality used vehicles has also raised a problem for these high demands.  Buyers have to shop around and find a dealership that is offering certified and quality used vehicles. Many dealerships are starting to feature their used vehicles and lowering prices in order to attract more customers. Be sure to check around for the best deals local dealerships are offering before you make a decision.


Certified Used Vehicles