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Accord Deals at Honda Miami

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Honda Drivers Remain Loyal

Honda vehicles are designed to simply satisfy customers and give drivers full loyalty over purchased vehicles. As we all know trust in an investment takes time to achieve therefore this reputation has taken Honda many years to build. Recently, Consumer Reports held a survey which stated that Honda is the brand with the highest loyalty at 68 percent passing Toyota and Ford. These 68 percent of people are current owners of Honda vehicles whom are likely to purchase another Honda for their new car.

 The word about new Honda autos being reliable and efficient is spreading to many people. A local miami dealership can give you more information about your car of interest such as the Honda Civic, the new Honda FCX Clarity or the new Crosstour.
These cars are all very fuel efficient and their power and popularity continues to

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New Odyssey Best Pick

The new 2011 Honda Odyssey which debuts in the fall will be a great investment for your family. Holiday time means guaranteed shopping and road trips to visit relatives. With a bigger and more spacious seating area, these things will be done more comfortably than ever and in style. Fifteen cup holders and a cooler under the dashboard avoid many messes and add convenience. The removable bin between the front seats can store all the kids’ toys to keep them busy on the long drive. If that is not enough then the screens can provide entertainment while they watch movies on bigger, clearer screens.

The sleek design of the new Odyssey proves the boring stereotype that usually accompanies the title of a minivan wrong. It will also have a 3.5 liter VTEC V6 engine so that drivers can reach their loved ones faster. Day trips, shopping trips, and road trips will all become simpler. The auto industry will be shocked by this new car which is expected to revolutionize the minivan market. Both moms and dads will love driving the Odyssey making it the ideal family car for the holidays. Visit your local miami dealership to inquire about this great vehicle!

South Miami Green Goal

Honda has made a name for itself on providing Honda South Florida enthusiasts with the most reliable fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. However, with rival automakers trailing behind and pushing MPG as a priority, Honda is focusing all its efforts on fuel efficiency for the next generation new cars to arrive at a Miami Honda dealer near you.

EPA rates have shown that Honda as one of the nations automakers that provide fuel efficient vehicles that average 23.6 mpg however, Hyundai has bumped up to Honda at 23.9 mpg. With this competitive following Honda has increased the number of Hybrids for Miami Honda lovers to include the new 2010 Honda CR-Z and the Honda Fit Hybrid. There has been so a lot of emphasis  on the fuel efficiency initiative that Honda was said to push their next generation HondaCivic back in order to update the design to be more affordable and eco friendly.

The initiatives that Honda is looking to achieve only make the Honda brand stronger. Honda is looking to strengthen their customer base in order to make Miami South Florida drivers happy and content with their new vehicles.

A New Design for a New Generation of Mini-Van Owners

When Miami car consumers think of a mini-van the image that comes to mind is the typical “soccer mom” whose turn it is to drive car pool and is transporting six screaming kids to school, in an unattractive vehicle. Honda saw that this image was hurting their sales so they made sure that the new look of 2011 Odyssey would be a contradiction to this common image of a mini van.

Honda knew that they needed to redesign the Odyssey.  They wanted to stray away from the traditional square look and the stereotypical image of a “soccer mom” vehicle. These reasons are what, Honda dealerships felt were the cause of consumers hesitating from the mini-car that  eventually went for the sports vehicle.

Honda was aware that in order to redesign the Odyssey they had to bring in consumers to put in their input. With this feedback Honda gave the Odyssey a more contemporary sleeker look. The vehicle will be wider and lower to the ground for a sportier look, and the vehicle will have a six speed automatic transmission. The greatest addition of the Odyssey will be the six-cylinder engine that will be able to shut off three of its engines to conserve gas. This is a great addition to Honda’s parts and accessories repertoire and a benefit for many Miami car owners who are concerned with the environment and gas.

Honda is looking to gain sales, from the “unconvinced” consumers of the mini-van, when the new Odyssey comes to local Miami Honda dealerships in 2011. Miami new car buyers are not looking to buy a vehicle lacking style and one that creates the image of “soccer-mom” they want a stylish vehicle that they can be proud of driving.

Miami Chooses Between the 2010 Honda Accord v. 2011 Hyundai Sonata

The competition between new vehicles in the market has made it extremely difficult for new car buyers to make a decision. Automobile makers are trying harder then ever to produce the top vehicle in the market. Two vehicles that are currently going head-to-head in the midsize sedan market are the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata. Although both vehicles have made their claims on which of the two is the better choice, we have gathered some facts for you that will hopefully make your decision an easier one:

Trim Level Match Up: The Accord proves to be the more expensive vehicle with an average MSRP of $1000 more per trim level. One advantage the Accord does have over the Sonata, is that it offers an EX-L V6 model. The Sonata on the other hand does not have a V-6 engine to compete with the Accord.

2010 Honda Accord

The object of his affections.

Performance: For those of you looking for a performance vehicle, the Accord proves to be the better choice. The Accord V-6 out powers the strongest Sonata engine by 71 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque, for much better acceleration response.

Comfort & Convenience: The Accord EX has slightly less interior volume then the Sonata due to its standard sunroof. However the EX has more hip room, shoulder room and significantly more rear legroom. Plus, the Accord LX has more interior volume than any Sonata, and adds more front headroom (+1.4‖) and rear headroom (+0.7‖) for greater all-around comfort!

Safety: The Accord is designed with an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, which enhances crash-energy management and crash compatibility. The Sonata has nothing like the Accord’s Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) to turn off the side airbag if a child or small-statured passenger is leaning into the airbag’s deployment path. Nor does Sonata have engine immobilizer technology to help prevent theft, another feature found on every Accord model!

Pricing: Although the Sonata is priced at a much lower cost, the Accord has a higher residual value. Not to mention the Sonatas maintenance and repair costs are much higher then the Accords.

Still not satisfied with the facts? Go to your local Miami dealer and test drive the two vehicles. Shopping for a new car in Miami is definitely not the easiest thing to do, however getting the facts on each vehicle can make your decision a lot easier.

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Entertainment for Your Weekend: Impressive New Aussie Honda Commercial

2010 Honda Fit

The Object of Our Attention: Honda Fit

We have a theory here: international commercials always are either (a) a whole lot cooler or (b) pretty strange when compared to the ones stateside. So people of Miami: once again we present the international Honda commercial of the week, once again courtesy of Honda of Australia. As with the last one we posted, this commercial for the Fit/Jazz should definitely be filed under the “cool” category.

Even though it may not be here just yet for you,  have a great Weekend!

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