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Miami Honda Civic Specials

Now at Brickell Honda new specials are being offered! Come in today for a test drive!


Accord Deals at Honda Miami

Now at Brickell Honda new specials are being offered! Come in today to take advantage of these offers!

Honda Drivers Remain Loyal

Honda vehicles are designed to simply satisfy customers and give drivers full loyalty over purchased vehicles. As we all know trust in an investment takes time to achieve therefore this reputation has taken Honda many years to build. Recently, Consumer Reports held a survey which stated that Honda is the brand with the highest loyalty at 68 percent passing Toyota and Ford. These 68 percent of people are current owners of Honda vehicles whom are likely to purchase another Honda for their new car.

 The word about new Honda autos being reliable and efficient is spreading to many people. A local miami dealership can give you more information about your car of interest such as the Honda Civic, the new Honda FCX Clarity or the new Crosstour.
These cars are all very fuel efficient and their power and popularity continues to

 The best prices
on any new Honda or certified pre-owned car can be found at your
florida dealership, where you can inquire more about Honda and their
number one rated loyalty service.

New Odyssey Best Pick

The new 2011 Honda Odyssey which debuts in the fall will be a great investment for your family. Holiday time means guaranteed shopping and road trips to visit relatives. With a bigger and more spacious seating area, these things will be done more comfortably than ever and in style. Fifteen cup holders and a cooler under the dashboard avoid many messes and add convenience. The removable bin between the front seats can store all the kids’ toys to keep them busy on the long drive. If that is not enough then the screens can provide entertainment while they watch movies on bigger, clearer screens.

The sleek design of the new Odyssey proves the boring stereotype that usually accompanies the title of a minivan wrong. It will also have a 3.5 liter VTEC V6 engine so that drivers can reach their loved ones faster. Day trips, shopping trips, and road trips will all become simpler. The auto industry will be shocked by this new car which is expected to revolutionize the minivan market. Both moms and dads will love driving the Odyssey making it the ideal family car for the holidays. Visit your local miami dealership to inquire about this great vehicle!

Miami Honda Clearance Event

The 2010 Summer Clearance Event is here now at Brickell Motors with many Honda specials. Come in today for a great deal!

Parents Trust Miami Honda

Honda has prided itself on offering consumers the best and most reliable cars possible. When it comes to buying a car for your teenager trust Miami Honda, who consistently rate high in safety reports and first on many business journals’ lists for best cars for teenagers. Many Miami Honda dealers show rates of popularity among the younger community and state that the most popular cars for that age group are the used Accord sedan and Civic sedan.

Many may question, “Why is Honda the way to go?”. Well, here is your answer. Their cars have extremely highest frontal crash-test scores, get 40 mpg or more on the highway, and have the highest-possible ratings for predicted reliability and accident avoidance. Since budget is usually a concern and buying a new car for a 16 year old may seem ridiculous, Honda offers many used cars for sale that may be at the ideal price point for your new driver.

Overall, Honda is the smart choice because of their safety, value, reliability, and fuel efficiency. All these aspects, along with Honda services make this an easy decision. Choose Honda and you are deciding on what will give you the best bang for your buck and keep your teenager safe.

The New Greener Civic

Honda realizes the importance of the environment, so when it came time to make their cars they made sure they did what they could to make their cars as fuel efficient as possible, without loosing comfort or style. All of these earth friendly features can be found in the 2010 Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has been on the car market for over three decades and continues to be a leader of compact cars. The Civic car car is available in a coupe or sedan body style, giving consumers the opportunity to pick the style that fits them best.

The Honda Civic comes in five different trim levels and there is even the Honda Civic Sedan Hybrid. The hybrid still has ll of the same comforts that the Honda Civic is known for but with an Advanced Technology Partial-Zero-Emission Vehicle rating. Lowering the impact of the Honda Civic even more. The Honda Civic Sedan is also available in a GX level which is America’s cleanest mass-production internal-combustion engine car.

Everyone has been working their hardest to preserve the environment and keep it clean. The Honda Civic continues to be one of the most reliable and now eco-friendly vehicles on the road over three decades since it was introduced. And now getting the Miami Civic at the best price is within reach at your local Miami dealer.