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A New Design for a New Generation of Mini-Van Owners

When Miami car consumers think of a mini-van the image that comes to mind is the typical “soccer mom” whose turn it is to drive car pool and is transporting six screaming kids to school, in an unattractive vehicle. Honda saw that this image was hurting their sales so they made sure that the new look of 2011 Odyssey would be a contradiction to this common image of a mini van.

Honda knew that they needed to redesign the Odyssey.  They wanted to stray away from the traditional square look and the stereotypical image of a “soccer mom” vehicle. These reasons are what, Honda dealerships felt were the cause of consumers hesitating from the mini-car that  eventually went for the sports vehicle.

Honda was aware that in order to redesign the Odyssey they had to bring in consumers to put in their input. With this feedback Honda gave the Odyssey a more contemporary sleeker look. The vehicle will be wider and lower to the ground for a sportier look, and the vehicle will have a six speed automatic transmission. The greatest addition of the Odyssey will be the six-cylinder engine that will be able to shut off three of its engines to conserve gas. This is a great addition to Honda’s parts and accessories repertoire and a benefit for many Miami car owners who are concerned with the environment and gas.

Honda is looking to gain sales, from the “unconvinced” consumers of the mini-van, when the new Odyssey comes to local Miami Honda dealerships in 2011. Miami new car buyers are not looking to buy a vehicle lacking style and one that creates the image of “soccer-mom” they want a stylish vehicle that they can be proud of driving.

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