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Honda CR-Z Goes on Sale Today in Japan

Today brings the close of several years of waiting and speculation- The sleekly-styled brand-new Honda CR-Z hybrid (pictured below) is going on sale today in Japan. Auto lovers the world over take note of a new car’s initial release in its “home” market, because it usually gives a good indication of the final features, specs, and price when it will be released in other markets.

That being said, the CR-Z will cost 2.268 Million Yen (US $25,300) for the base model, and 2.408 Million Yen (US $27,000) for the high-end version. Honda also says that the CR-Z gets 25 KM/L (58.6 miles/gallon).

This vehicle will go on sale in Europe and the United States by midyear.

2010 Honda CR-Z

2010 Honda CR-Z

A look at the CR-Z's interior

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