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Honda CR-Z Goes on Sale Today in Japan

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Today brings the close of several years of waiting and speculation- The sleekly-styled brand-new Honda CR-Z hybrid (pictured below) is going on sale today in Japan. Auto lovers the world over take note of a new car’s initial release in its “home” market, because it usually gives a good indication of the final features, specs, and price when it will be released in other markets.

That being said, the CR-Z will cost 2.268 Million Yen (US $25,300) for the base model, and 2.408 Million Yen (US $27,000) for the high-end version. Honda also says that the CR-Z gets 25 KM/L (58.6 miles/gallon).

This vehicle will go on sale in Europe and the United States by midyear.

2010 Honda CR-Z

2010 Honda CR-Z

A look at the CR-Z's interior

If you would like more information on this or other Honda vehicles, then be sure to check out, which is your connection for information on Honda sales, leasing, repair, and parts. You can even get a customized quote on the Honda of your choice in 7 minutes or less, just go to the “quickquote” page on the website, or visit

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Looking for Honda Parts in the Miami Area?

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the best parts about owning a car is that you can mold it to have the look and feel that you want. Besides choosing what trim level you like or what color best suits your taste, you can add a variety of accessories and parts to your Honda vehicle that make it unique to you. In Miami, auto parts and accessories are always on the radar of most car drivers. With a long line of vehicle models to choose from, Honda has made several parts available to each and everyone of them.

With the most popular models being the Accord and the Civic, more than 20 vehicle parts and accessories can be found for both new and used Honda vehicles. Some of the more popular accessories include spoilers, deck lids, side steps, window tints, DVD players and Bluetooth navigation systems to say the least. Be sure to visit your local Miami Honda dealer and get the best deals on Honda accessories and parts in Miami.



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The 2011 Honda Odyssey Concept Unveiled: Not Your (Soccer) Mom’s Minivan, Part 2- Car and Driver

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

In this one and a half minute video shot live at the Chicago Auto Show: Mike Dushane, an editor of Car and Driver, gives his two cents on the newly unveiled Odyssey concept.

2010 Odyssey Concept

2010 Honda Odyssey Concept

The 2011 Toyota Sienna vs. the 2011 Honda Odyssey Concept in Miami

February 19, 2010 1 comment

There is no doubt many family’s choose to steer clear from mini vans in Miami since they are one of the least appealing vehicles on the market. Many vehicle manufacturers have become aware of this and have developed new concepts for their future line of mini vans.

Toyota has launched its new redesigned mini van for 2011 as the Toyota Sienna. The completely redesigned mini van comes with a powerful yet smooth V6 engine, dual sliding rear doors, and a very spacious cargo and passenger seating area. The minivan comes in five trim levels: base, LE, SE, XLE and Limited. There is no doubt this roomy 8-passenger vehicle comes with many pros for family drivers, such as safety anti lock disc brakes, stability control, 187 horsepower engine, and a rear seat DVD entertainment system. Some of the vehicles least liked attributes are the low grade plastic used in the cabin and the highly expensive options packages. The 7-passenger 4-door minivan has an MSRP price of $31,130.

Honda hasn’t stayed too far behind the competition with its new unveiling of the Odyssey concept car, which was revealed earlier this month at the Chicago Auto Show. The new Odyssey Concept car is a revelation of what lies ahead for Honda Mini vans. The vehicle sports a completely new design, look and feel. The 4-door Minivan has a starting price of $27,300. The next generation Odyssey, which is due out later this year, will get an updated version of the 3.5-liter V6 engine that the current Odyssey carries. Honda expects to get 28 mpg with this vehicle, which is much better than any other mini vans out there.

There is not doubt that the race to bring newly designed and appealing mini vans to the market has just started. Although Toyota’s recent vehicle recall has left a dent in the companies reputation, they continue to move forward. Honda was able to appeal to the market in a whole new way by its unique and appealing design for a mini van. Although the vehicle hasn’t reached dealerships just yet, be sure to see it coming soon to your local Honda Miami dealership.



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The 2011 Honda Odyssey Concept Unveiled: Not Your (Soccer) Mom’s Minivan: Part 1

February 16, 2010 1 comment

As promised, we have the follow up to our previous story on the new edition of the Odyssey minivan concept, which debuted this past week at the Chicago Autoshow. This concept, unlike the Honda Skydeck concept which was spotlighted in the previous story, is very, very close to what will actually be on the road when the new Honda Odyssey is released this Fall. Here, we have official pictures of the new minivan from Honda. Although Honda has only shown us the exterior of the minivan, it is obvious that Honda is aiming for a new, younger generation of parents/prospective minivan owners with an innovative sleek new design (notice the “lightning bolt”-styled window line). Pictures follow.

2010 Odyssey Concept

2010 Odyssey Concept 3/4 Back

2010 Odyssey Concept 3/4 Back

2010 Odyssey Concept Chicago Unveiling

2010 Odyssey Concept 3/4 Back

2010 Odyssey Concept Front

For more information on the Honda Odyssey minivan, check with your local Honda dealer.

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Brickell Motors in Miami Sends supplies to Haiti

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

The massive earthquake that struck Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, on January 12, 2010 left many devastated. The quake left the Caribbean country in shambles without electricity or phone service. There was no doubt the country needed much aid from other nations. The United States ordered the deployment of 5,000 troops to assist in the relief effort. Relief workers and charitable groups continued to show their support by re-visiting Haiti. Many organizations also started donations and collections for Haiti.

Brickell Motors of Miami, a Buick, GMC and Honda dealership, was one of the many companies to show support in Haiti. More than 2 dozen GM vehicles packed with relief supplies were headed to Haiti and owner Mario Murgado was at the forefront of the effort.  The GM Foundation donation is part of a coordinated effort of the GM Foundation and the William J Clinton Foundation in response to the dire need for trucks to transport supplies to survivors: such as water, food, medical equipment and much more.

South Florida GM Trucking to Haiti Video

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Super Bowl Sneak Preview: New Honda Accord Crosstour Ad

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

As anyone who has ever tuned into the Super Bowl knows, the commercials are often just as much the fodder of water-cooler conversation on the Monday after as the game itself (especially if the game is lopsided). So why not get a head start on your conversation now- here is a brand-new Honda advertisement that will be shown during this year’s game, which will be broadcast live from Miami. The car showcased in this ad is the all-new Honda Accord Crosstour (seen under video).

Honda has consumers on their toes with the addition of new models to their lineup, such as the Accord Crosstour and the CR-Z, which is coming late this year. Be sure to visit Brickell Honda for more information on the Honda Crosstour or start by getting a personalized quick quote here.