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New Honda Cars Priced Cheaper than Used Cars in Miami

According to a recent report conducted by Edmunds.com, one can find deals on new vehicles being sold for less than the one year old used version of the same model. “Demand and supply dynamics are causing an increase in used car prices while lowering new car prices across the board, generally speaking,” according to site representatives. Accord to the Edmunds list, one can buy a Honda Accord LX and save over $600 by buying it new instead of used.

The analysis was done by comparing the vehicles True Market Value® transaction prices and the interest payments typically made for each vehicle. Some reasons for these occurrences are due to the limited supply of used cars. Three factors contributing to the limit of used cars are that there are fewer vehicles coming off lease this year because of the recent decline in leasing’s popularity and availability. Second, ‘Cash for Clunkers’ rendered many thousands of used vehicles inoperable and removed them from the scene at an unnaturally high rate. Third, because of the economy people are holding onto their cars longer.

Be sure to visit your Local Honda Dealership to see how much money you can be saving on your new Honda.

2010 Honda Accord

A 10Best Winner: the 2010 Honda Accord

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