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Will Honda’s new Concept Car make it to Miami Streets?

Honda has recently debut its new “Neo-Urban” vehicle dubbed the Honda P-NUT at the Los Angeles Auto show. This vehicle of the future seats three passengers and features a center-driving configuration. The objective for the design of the vehicle was to explore the new type of small-segment vehicle. The vehicle, which is shaped like a Porsche 911, has a rear engine and rear-wheel drive. As of now the vehicle has no powerterrain but has the potential of becoming a plug-in hybrid or a small gasoline engine car.

The issue of safety still stands with the car. A driver can very easily find themselves with serious injuries if a collision were to occur, due to the solid sheet of glass that makes up both the windshield roofs. The dimensions of the vehicle are also particularly small considering safety standards, coming in at 133 inches long. The Honda P-NUT is a mere project made by the company to show just what cars will begin to look like 20 years from now. Although many would be waiting in line to purchase the Honda inspired “Personal-Neo Urban Transit” vehicle, we doubt this car will be up for sale any time soon. But don’t take our word for it just yet; you could be seeing this vehicle in your Miami neighborhood streets in the near future.

Honda has been known for their exceptionally safe and reliable vehicles for a over a decade. Make sure to stop by your local Miami Honda dealership to check out the newest models: ranging from hybrids to gas electric vehicles.



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