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Miami Drivers Choose a Honda for Functionality and Design

Many people recognize Honda for its reliability and safety. Over the years, Honda has gathered many awards for its safety features and its durable parts. Its no wonder so many people driving through Miami’s hectic streets choose a Honda over other vehicles.

Recently, Honda has been capturing international attention with its new and edgy designs. Nobuki Ebisawa, the corporate managing director and general manager of styling and design development for Honda, says dynamism and functionality are the two themes for Honda’s latest designs. According to Ebisawa, the company still draws inspiration from designs of the first-generation Civic and Accord models. And at the same time, they look back all the way to the 1963 S500 sports car to channel the dynamism that helps set the brand apart. The upcoming Honda hybrid CR-Z shows just how dynamic and design savvy Honda is getting to be. Functionality for the new CR-Z will be characterized by the fuel-efficient hybrid drivetrain, and dynamism will be expressed by the car’s style and fun-to-drive nature. Honda has always been praised for its excellent choice in interior design and features. Ebisawa cites his group’s intense study of the “man-machine interface” for this, noting that Honda has long relied on the philosophy “Man maximum, machine minimum” in its designs. This means that Honda’s controls are intended to be intuitive, not intrusive: to help the driver, not to challenge the driver or to make a design statement for design’s sake.

The Honda CR-Z will bring all of these elements together: functionality, dynamic, and emotion, making it once very appealing hybrid. The new design presents a new face for the company as well as one that has yet to be seen. The CR-Z will be available next year at your local Miami Honda dealership. Make sure to stop by and test drive the new functional Honda hybrid.

new Honda CR-Z at Local Miami Dealership

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