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Honda Continues Dominance of Car and Driver 10 Best; Honda Classed With Porsche, BMW, Cadillac, and Audi

Once again, Honda’s Accord and Fit (2010 models) have taken their place alongside models from automakers like Porsche, BMW, Cadillac, and Audi on “Car and Driver” magazine’s annual “Ten Best” list. This marks Accord’s 24th (and 13th consecutive) appearance in the 28 years since first appearing on the list in 1983, and marks Fit’s 4th appearance on the list since first appearing in 2007. To add perspective to these accomplishments, no other car even comes close to Accord when it comes to number of appearances on the list, and Fit has appeared on the list every single year it has existed here in the United States.

In the words of others:

Car and Driver on the Accord: “In 28 years of 10Best competition, Honda’s Accord has made the list 24 times. Somewhere in Japan, there are about 200 engineers wringing their hands and asking each other, “Where’d we go wrong in those four losing years?” Maybe that’s why the car is so good.”

Car and Driver on the Fit:  “It’s all the car anyone needs—big fun, and as cheap to own and operate as a hamster. Despite the Fit’s microbial footprint, it takes truly Sasquatchian dimensions to be discomforted inside, and all that space is surrounded by quality materials and thoughtful design unmatched in many vehicles costing much more….Everything about this Honda feels like a more expensive, more upmarket vehicle. It is the marriage of a number of seemingly paradoxical concepts, but its greatest accomplishment is the association this little runabout dissolves: The Fit proves more decisively than any other vehicle that affordable and cheap are mutually exclusive concepts.”

American Honda Executive Voice President John Mendel on the selections: “The Car and Driver ‘10Best’ awards recognize Honda’s ongoing emphasis on performance, quality and safety. Honda is honored to have its vehicles regarded so highly over the years with one of the most coveted awards in the industry.”

Honda’s appearances within the 10Best rankings:

Accord     24 times  (1983-’91, ’94-’95, 1998-2010)
Civic         5 times    (1988-’91, 1996)
CRX         2 times     (1985, 1988)
Fit             4 times    (2007-2010)
Prelude    10 times  (1984-’86, 1992-98)
S2000       3 times   (2000-2004)

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