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Honda Introduces New Vision to the World; Miami Honda Lovers Await New Car.

If you’re a car lover or a Honda fanatic, then make sure to mark the week of December 2 on your calendar. That week is the week of the Los Angeles Car Show, and during that week, Honda will reveal just a little more of its vision of the future of automobiles, when it reveals its Personal Neo-Urban Transport concept to the world. Traditionally, concept car presentations are not always “rough drafts” for future vehicles, but can instead represent a company’s vision for society’s future relationship with automotive technology. If you use the most recent displays by automakers as examples, then it is obvious that carmakers envision the future as an urban, efficient, compact one- and the name Honda “Personal-Neo Urban Transport” (yes, P-NUT) seems to evoke all those qualities.  We have no clue what the P-NUT actually looks like, except that it is an “ultra-compact, agressively designed coupe”, and it follows the introduction of concepts like Honda’s Skydeck and CR-Z (both pictured here).

If you don’t want to wait several years for the ideas presented in concepts to hit the streets, why not look into getting your own futuristic car right now? Honda has several “cars of the future” on sale now. Whether you prefer futuristic styling (the Honda Fit) or futuristic technology (Honda Insight), Honda has something for you. You can get a quick quote on the Honda of your choice in less than 8 minutes time from BrickellHondaDirect.com, or visit Brickell Honda of Miami- Miami’s favorite car dealership- in person to see the future for yourself. And for you car enthusiasts- we will have more information on the P-NUT as it comes.

Honda Skydeck Concept

Honda Skydeck Concept

Honda CR-Z Concept

The CR-Z concept


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