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Black Friday: Best Day to Buy Your new Miami Honda Car


Black Friday is typically one of the busiest days in retail store history. Many people go shopping for clothes, electronics, and toys to find the greatest deals and steals of the year. Now you can find new vehicles on Black Friday for the same amount of added discounts. According to research done by the website Truecar.com, discounts for new vehicles on average are the biggest of the year on the day after Thanksgiving. Analysts looked at the day-by-day car pricing for the last several years, which pointed to Black Friday being the best day to purchase vehicles. “The discounts from dealerships, as well as manufacturers’ incentives, generate the highest discounts of the year on Black Friday,” said Jesse Toprak, an analyst for Truecar.com.

You can kill two birds with one stone when you shop for your next vehicle at Brickell Motors in Miami. For a limited time only they are offering a free 42” plasma TV with every new vehicle purchase. Brickell Motors sells a long line of used and new vehicles ranging from Honda, Buick, Pontiac, and GMC. Other dealerships in the Miami area are also offering great sales and specials this time of year. South Motors and The Collection are just a few of the highly reputable dealerships in town. Be sure to stop by your local Miami dealership to see what they have to offer you.


2010 Honda Civic at your Local Miami Dealership

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