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Local Miami Dealerships See a Rise in Sub-compact Car Sales

It seems like people are falling away from the big muscle car trend that we saw not too long ago. Those gas-guzzling vehicles are no longer on the radar for many due to fuel-efficient vehicles. Top sales analyst, George Pipas, predicts sales of small cars to keep increasing. Pipas named a couple of factors that could be contributing to this such as government policies and gas prices. The government has recently come up with many policies encouraging the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles, like the Cash for Clunkers Bill that was passed earlier on this year. The high price for gas these days has also led people to purchase a car that has better mileage. Small cars currently account for 21 percent of all US vehicle sales and these numbers are predicted to increase to 36 percent in 2013.

Carmakers, such as Ford, Honda, and Nissan, are coming up with new model lineups for the coming year that are small in size. Ford has found much success with its compact car the Ford Focus. Honda has also seen much success from the Honda Civic and Insight, which are both small sub-compact cars. Honda has also recently come out with the Accord Crosstour, which is expected to do significantly well in the market. Make sure to visit your local Miami Dealership and take a look at compact cars in their showroom. Now is the time to purchase a new or used small compact car before prices go up.

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