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The Rise in Demand for Used Cars affects Sales in Miami Dealerships


The main focus on dealership sales usually comes from new vehicles yet now more than ever, people are looking for used vehicles. According to Edmunds.com, used vehicle prices jumped to an average of 16 percent in October compared to last year. It seems consumers are willing to pay for used cars at whatever the cost may be, well at least to a certain extent. A lot of factors can be the cause for such high demands of used car vehicles, especially when supply is low. One reason might be the most recent incentive proposed by the government, Cash for Clunkers. Reports estimated that around 700,000 older vehicles that were traded in during the incentive were destroyed. These vehicles could have been potentially sold in the used car market for a good price. Now, new car sales are down and fewer customers are willing to trade in their used vehicles.

Demand for used vehicles seems to be going up due to the economic state. Traditional car buyers are not in the economic state to be purchasing new vehicles and since then have been on the market for used vehicles. More people are saving money and putting cash down on used vehicles. The fact that the credit market remains tight makes it difficult for buyers to finance new vehicles. Finding quality used vehicles has also raised a problem for these high demands.  Buyers have to shop around and find a dealership that is offering certified and quality used vehicles. Many dealerships are starting to feature their used vehicles and lowering prices in order to attract more customers. Be sure to check around for the best deals local dealerships are offering before you make a decision.


Certified Used Vehicles

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