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Honda Introduces Long-Awaited Pricing on New 2010 Crosstour

Today, Honda announced that its new crossover, the All-New Accord Crosstour, will have a MSRP of $29,670, and will carry an additional destination and handling charge of $710. Honda also released pricing for other models of the new vehicle: the Honda Crosstour EX-L will have an MSRP of $32,570, and and the Navi version of this Crosstour is priced at MSRP $34,770 . All-wheel drive versions start around $34,020; a Navi version of this will start around $36,220.

The Crosstour is Honda’s latest vehicle release in the US, and some experts compare it to Toyota’s Venza. However, the Crosstour is incomparable to any other automobile anyone else has ever produced, except for Honda Accord, which is the platform Crosstour is built upon. Experts have already compared the Crosstour’s comfort, smoothness in ride and handling, and overall utility to the Accord, but have noted the Crosstour’s unique features and usage of space. These same experts and critics have also noticed the wide range of features available on the Ohio-built automobile, whether under the hood, inside the cabin, or on the exterior of the vehicle.

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