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The Honda Civic is Named Most Reliable Car, Once Again!


There was no surprise when reports showed the Honda Civic as the most reliable vehicle in Europe. According to the trade publication Fleet News whose study covered over a million vehicles, the Honda Civic along with the Toyota Avensis were named in the top ten most reliable cars. This isn’t the first time the award winning Civic has received accolades for its reliability. Consumer reports has recently come out with its list of most reliable vehicles, where the Honda Civic and Toyota are top picks for reliability. The Honda Insight was also recognized, as it was the highest scoring vehicle in predicted reliability. Consumer reports also showed Honda as the top, among all automakers, with every Honda vehicle or Acura surveyed having average or better than average predicted reliability.

Honda’s success can be seen through the head to head competition between local Honda Dealerships. Local Miami dealerships are fighting for your business and are luring potential customers into their dealership by offering attractive promotions. The government is also trying to stimulate vehicle sales by offering a tax deduction on purchases of new vehicles. More information on the bill can be found online at www.irs.gov. Be sure to stop by your local Honda Dealership and check out the latest specials they are offering.

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