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End of Year Sales on New Honda Purchases in Miami

It is no surprise Honda Dealership’s all over town are finding new ways to lure customers into their showroom this time around. Many Miami Honda Dealership’s are offering different promotions and “give-aways”, but which Honda dealership is actually giving away the best deal?

Honda Corporate has just released new lease options on all new 2010 Honda models, which all dealerships will be participating in. The Sales Tax Deduction on New Vehicles has also stirred up excitement with new Honda sales. These national offers might sound appealing to some customers but little do they know these aren’t dealership specific bargains. Consumers must look at what the dealership can offer them besides the national lease price or national incentives. One dealership in particular, Brickell Honda, runs a program called Brickell Plus where people who purchase new or used vehicles receive up to $3,000 in coupons and free gas. Under the Brickell Plus program, new vehicle customers will also receive up to 60,000 miles in free oil changes.

Your local Miami Honda Dealership is also having a limited time only promotion where every new vehicle purchase gets you a Free 42” Plasma TV. Also included in the promotion is any new vehicle purchase available for sign and drive no money down as well as 0% financing. Honda financing specials are also available with no payments until February 2010 on all vehicles. Don’t wait to long to purchase your new Honda vehicle in Miami because this deal won’t last forever!

BKM-521 Free plasma TV

Brickell Motors Free 42" Plasma Promotion

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