Honda Skydeck Concept

Introduced at the 2009 Tokyo Motorshow, the Honda Skydeck Concept is a vehicle like none other seen before- a six seat hybrid concept minivan with otherworldly design and styling, and a design that was probably best described by Jalopnik as “a passener cabin that looks like what would happen if IKEA designed a car completely out of balsa wood and pieces of ASIMO (Honda’s most advanced robot)”, and as NBC of Los Angeles as “a DeLorean for soccer moms”. Plenty of people would agree that this is true, especially after peering through Skydeck’s sliding doors (like those on a Lamborghini), its unique grille, or the glass roof atop the car.

Although this is just a concept and will never see an actual road, highway, or driveway- many parts of this may end up making production on the Odyssey or some other production vehicle  in the very near future. For now, it’s nice to know that Honda remains committed to revolutionizing the auto industry, and providing its customers with some of the best products ever made.

To get your hands on what is currently the world’s best minivan, then look no further than Honda. Brickell Honda of Miami currently sells the Honda Odyssey, which is consistently ranked as the top minivan on the market today. If you aren’t looking to buy new, Brickell also offers a variety of used car options for Miami drivers.

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