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Miami Dealers Wait on CR-Z

Most car enthusiasts know and fondly remember the high-performance Honda CR-X of the early 80’s through the early 90’s, and the Honda CR-X del Sol which was produced throughout much of the 1990’s. After production ceased on the del Sol, there was no natural heir to the CR-X throne. That heir has finally arrived, and it is truly a child of this generation.

The CR-Z is that heir.

Although the CR-Z has only been seen as a car show concept over the last couple of years, it has definitely made an impact- to the point of even having it’s own Wikipedia page, and by showing up in Honda reviews already. CR-Z’s futuristic and sporty styling immediately made people take notice, and what was under the hood was even more attractive- a hybrid engine with a manual transmission. More eyebrows were raised when Honda confirmed that the CR-Z would be in production soon, and the two-seater will be ready to hit showrooms by late 2010. The hybrid is expected to look very similar to the original concept, which is good news to anyone who will be looking into a premium-class ride with Honda quality and a Honda price within the next year or so. If you would like more information on the CR-Z as it comes, remember to visit Miami’s favorite Honda dealership at BrickellHonda.com.

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