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Miami Drivers Choose the Honda Insight for Efficiency and Price

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With the growing competition of hybrid vehicles on the market, it gets hard for consumers to choose which is the right fuel-efficient car for them.  Every hybrid seems to offer something different- style, design, extras ect… But essentially they all deliver the same result, environment friendly motors. Some of the hottest hybrids on the market include the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Civic Hybrid and the Ford Fusion. The 2010 Honda Insight comes in as the cheapest of the hybrids with a starting price of $19,800.  You will pay at least $1,500 more for the Toyota Prius, which has a starting/base price of $22,400. The 2010 Ford Fusion comes in as the most expensive of the group with a base price of $ 27,625.

Although the 2010 Honda Insight is known for its tight backseat space, its affordable price and excellent fuel economy more than make up for it. The Honda Insight also scores significantly high in Crash test results, earning 5 and 4 stars for driver, passenger, side impact, and rollover resistance. EPA mileage for the Honda Insight is 40mpg city and 43mpg highway. The Insight has Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system, which uses a small electric motor (13 horsepower) to supplement the 98-horsepower gasoline engine, which runs nearly all the time except when the vehicle comes to a stop, such as at a traffic signal. There is no doubt that the Insight is the most practical hybrid car on the market. As for the Insight, even the base LX is well equipped at its under-$20,000 price. Standard are front seat-mounted side air bags, roof-mounted side-curtain air bags for both rows, antilock brakes, continuously variable automatic transmission, automatic climate control, tilt-and-telescopic steering column, manual driver’s seat height adjustment, power windows and door locks, a four-speaker AM/FM audio system with CD player and auxiliary input for iPods and other music players, and more. The EX comes with everything available on the Insight, with the most expensive model running just $23,100; in comparison, the 2010 Prius ranges from $22,400 to $27,670 plus $750 freight and the buyer’s choice from a list of options.

Did we mention this hybrid is a Honda? Honda’s are known for their reliability, affordability and safety. Rest assure that your hybrid will last you for longer than you bargained for. Be sure to stop by your local Miami Dealership to check out the new Honda Insight.

2010 Honda Insight


Millions Couldn’t be Wrong: Honda is Tops for Quality Autos, Miami Drivers Agree

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According to Automotive Lease Guide (ALG), which is “the leading source for automotive residual values and analytical data products, as well as consulting services for automotive manufacturers, finance companies, and fleet companies” and also offers “tips and tools for vehicle leasing to help… calculate monthly payments, understand residual values, and gain knowledge about the automotive industry in general” to consumers, Honda is one of the top performers in their Perceived Quality Score (or PQS) survey. This survey monitors consumer confidence in mainstream car brands. Honda has placed atop, or near to the top of this survey for many years running. In the words of James Clark, ALG’s general manager, (Honda has) “maintained a long history of durable and reliable powertrains, which resonates with consumers and often leads them to rate other characteristics like safety and design positively as well.”

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Best in Quality: 2010 Honda Civic

Everyone Loves a Honda: How Honda Connects Miami Residents

November 25, 2009 1 comment

Honda has a new theory: Everyone knows someone who loves a Honda. If that’s true, then Honda love can connect everyone- and Honda is out to prove it. This video features 2010 model-year Hondas, including (in order shown) Element, Odyssey, Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Insight.

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Buying a Nissan Maxima or Honda Accord in Miami?

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Honda Introduces New Vision to the World; Miami Honda Lovers Await New Car.

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If you’re a car lover or a Honda fanatic, then make sure to mark the week of December 2 on your calendar. That week is the week of the Los Angeles Car Show, and during that week, Honda will reveal just a little more of its vision of the future of automobiles, when it reveals its Personal Neo-Urban Transport concept to the world. Traditionally, concept car presentations are not always “rough drafts” for future vehicles, but can instead represent a company’s vision for society’s future relationship with automotive technology. If you use the most recent displays by automakers as examples, then it is obvious that carmakers envision the future as an urban, efficient, compact one- and the name Honda “Personal-Neo Urban Transport” (yes, P-NUT) seems to evoke all those qualities.  We have no clue what the P-NUT actually looks like, except that it is an “ultra-compact, agressively designed coupe”, and it follows the introduction of concepts like Honda’s Skydeck and CR-Z (both pictured here).

If you don’t want to wait several years for the ideas presented in concepts to hit the streets, why not look into getting your own futuristic car right now? Honda has several “cars of the future” on sale now. Whether you prefer futuristic styling (the Honda Fit) or futuristic technology (Honda Insight), Honda has something for you. You can get a quick quote on the Honda of your choice in less than 8 minutes time from, or visit Brickell Honda of Miami- Miami’s favorite car dealership- in person to see the future for yourself. And for you car enthusiasts- we will have more information on the P-NUT as it comes.

Honda Skydeck Concept

Honda Skydeck Concept

Honda CR-Z Concept

The CR-Z concept

Honda: Leading Fuel Efficient Car in Miami

November 23, 2009 1 comment


On Friday, November 20, 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency announced its preliminary figures for the most efficient vehicles in 2009.  It was no surprise to hear that Honda Motor Co. has the most fuel-efficient line of vehicles in the United States. All Honda vehicles sold in 2009 are expected to average 23.6 miles per gallon in driving. Not far behind Honda were Hyundai and Toyota, each with 23.4 mpg and 23.2 mpg respectively. Honda has launched new vehicles for its up coming model year, such as the 2010 Honda Insight and followed by the 2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid. These vehicles are expected to be popular buys among young adults in urban cities, such as Miami. Honda also plans on keeping its reputation by future sales of a Honda Fit Hybrid. Honda is most known for its Civic and Accord models but has been determined to bring new model line ups to the market. There is no doubt Honda has made some good decisions that are evidently paying off.  Be sure to stop by your local Miami Honda dealership to see the latest model lineups Honda has to offer.

The Honda Civic is More Powerful than the Toyota Corolla

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