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Miami Honda: Another word for the most reliable car.

Consumer Reports has just released the 2009 version of its annual report on the most reliable cars  <http://www.brickellhonda.com/> and car manufacturers, and as usual, Honda was near the top in almost every category. Consumer Reports <http://consumerreports.org/> ’ rating is based upon a combination of performance and reliability factors, as well as the input of consumers nationwide; Civic, Fit, and Accord are just some of Honda’s car models represented on this list. If you consider Honda’s standing over the years in the Annual report, as well as their standing in the hearts and minds of those who drive Honda, it is obvious that Honda makes some of the best cars out there, and has built their company upon the pillars of dependability, price, and performance. What more could you ask from a car company?

Brickell Honda <http://www.brickellhonda.com/>  is a dealership located in beautiful downtown Miami, and is located online at BrickellHonda.com. For more information on YOUR Honda, go to BrickellHondaDirect.com <http://www.brickellhondadirect.com/>  for a quote in less than seven minutes.

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