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The All Around Car – Honda Civic is Now Available in Miami

The Honda Civic is an all around car with style, fuel efficiency, has a great design and is loved by young and old.  It has a variety of models (DX, LX, EX, EX-L or Si), which will accommodate a variety of desires.  Its many features include full power accessories, sunroof, steel wheels, tilt steering wheel and much more.  Fuel efficiency is another topic making the Honda Civic an all around car. The average miles per gallon for the city range from 21-40 and 29-45 for the highway. This will depend on your model choice.
The updated design of the Honda Civic is one liked by many, young and old. The bumper has been updated with openings in the front and scoop-like openings on the side. These changes in the bumper break up the visual size of the bumper. Additional updates on the design include changes to the grille and headlight and taillight color combinations.  The expanded windshield gives a greater view to the front.  There is plenty of room to hold 5 passengers comfortably despite having smaller dimensions.  It continues to have its strengths in comfort, quality and safety.

Drive a car that you take pleasure in and that provides you the features that you want. Research the information at Brickell Honda  on the Honda Civic and you will be convinced that it is the all around car. Visit Brickell Honda in Miami online at http://www.brickellhonda.com or call them directly at 888-407-9334 for more information on the latest and most fuel efficient Honda Vehicles in the market.

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