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The Refined 2010 Honda CR-V Arrives in Miami

New features and upgrades have been added to the improved 2010 Honda CR-V including interior and exterior features, better fuel economy, and more power. Miami drivers will appreciate the new exterior improvements and styles added on the CR-V. Exterior styling enhancements include a freshened front fascia with a new grille and bumper design, a re-sculpted hood, and a new rear bumper shape. A 10-spoke alloy wheel design, standard on CR-V EX and EX-L, replaces the previous 7-spoke alloy wheel design. New interior features include a BlueTooth Handsfree Link, auto on and off headlights, and wider armrests on the front seats. Wide ranges of interior updates for 2010 include modifications to the radio functionality and control layout, the introduction of new seat fabric textures and an upgraded interior door handle design with a rubberized grip handle.
For 2010, power and efficiency improvements result from the engine’s compression ratio increasing to 10:5:1 from 9.7:1, fuel injectors with a finer spray pattern, larger intake valves, spark plugs with extended electrodes, friction-reducing piston rings, higher-precision timing sensor and a higher flow-rate exhaust system. The CR-V comes standard with an electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transmission that uses an active lockup torque converter. Wide overall ratios help maximize acceleration in gears one through four and optimize fuel economy in its overdrive fifth gear.
For more information on how you can buy your new 2010 Honda CR-V in Miami, just visit your nearest Miami Honda Dealership or visit Brickell Honda. Brickell Honda is the certified Honda dealership of Miami and is always offering the best prices on all new and used Hondas. Visit Brickell Honda online at http://www.brickellhonda.com or call them directly at 888-407-9334.

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