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The Miami Family Car – The Honda Element

The Honda Element is a car for every occasion. It is the vehicle that can adjust to most of the needs a Miami family will require. You can shuttle your kids and your neighbor’s kids and all their equipment and take them to the soccer practice at the park. You can haul your purchases from the home improvement store without having to find that one friend that has the pickup truck.  You can even use it as a regular transportation.  The Honda Element is a vehicle that meets many requirements.

The doors are of the style of cargo doors. They open wide enough to reach up to 90 degrees allowing for very easy approach to the back seats. This makes loading and unloading a very easy job.  There are 64 seating arrangements.  You will most definitely find the combination that is right for you to carry whatever it is that you need to transport.  The Honda Element’s clamshell tailgate is divided to allow for two types of loading or a place to sit back and enjoy the view. The tailgate can support the weight of two people each weighing 220 lb.

The family car, the Honda Element is a total package.  It has an engine power of 166 horsepower under the hood.  The starting price is a very reasonable $20,000 – $22,000.  The estimated mileage per gallon is 20 in the city and 25 in the highway. What more could you ask for in a family car?  Make your family glad and read up on the family car-the Honda Element at http://www.brickellhonda.com. Brickell Honda is the certified Honda Dealership of South Florida, contact them at 888-407-9334 for more information.

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