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The Fuel Saving Car for Miami Drivers

If you are looking to save money in gas in these tough times, I have got the answer. The vehicle for you is the Honda Civic Hybrid. It is recognized by autobytel.com on their list of the top 10 hottest fuel savers on the web.  It averages 40 mpg in the city and 45 in the highway.  You may ask, what makes this car so fuel efficient?  The Hybrid runs on gasoline just like any other car. What makes it fuel efficient is that it has an auxiliary electric motor that assists the engine when extra power is needed. This system is known as Integrated Motor Assist-IMA.  The Honda Civic Hybrid has been around since 1999, when Honda first introduced it. That’s 10 years you could have been saving.

I have told you what makes it a fuel saver.  Let me now tell you why it one of the hottest fuel savers. The Honda Civic Hybrid has received a 4 star rating on a scale of 5. It has a reasonable price tag and is a very stylish car. The interior seems to be what sets it apart from a regular Civic.  It has a two tone finish.  The dashboard and the upper panels along the door have a dark tone while the lower panels and the seats are a lighter tone.  There is a more luxurious feel inside with the use of chrome.

The Honda Civic Hybrid delivers well and is deserving of a test drive. Find out more information on the car that will save you money.  Do your research at Brickell Honda online http://www.brickellhonda.com or give them a call at 888-407-9334.

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