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The Honda Civic is the Miami Teenagers Favored Car

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When have you heard that parents are in love with a car for their teenager? Well, it has happened.  They love the Honda Civic because it has the look the teenagers want and the features the parents need.

The Honda Civic is a car which has most of the features that both parents and teenagers desire–economy, style, safety, reliability, comfortable ride, and fits your friends.  These cars are economical in the price you pay for them when you purchase them and what you end up spending for gas. Their style is known for having a sporty look. The Honda Civic has done very well in government crash test. They are known for their reliability.  They provide a comfortable ride with seats that are not plush and have added thigh support. You have the room for four additional riders, so there will be enough space for your friends.

It is amazing that you can find a car that is to your liking as a parent, as well as, to your teenager. You will rest better knowing that your teenager has the car that you want but thinks that it is the car they always wanted-the Honda Civic, a teenagers’ car.  For more information on how you can purchase the Honda Civic in Miami, contact Brickell Honda at 888-407-9334 or visit them online to see the latest specials on the Honda Civic and other Honda vehicles.

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The 2010 Honda Accord Gets New Upgrades

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Miami is a city that always is in tune with the latest trends; whether it is the newest gadget, car, or fashion style, Miamians know how to stay up-to date. This makes the new 2010 Honda Accord an easy choice for many Miami drivers. The Accord is designed to impress with a quality feel, engaging performance and accommodating technology. It is also available as a coupe or sedan to accommodate different Miami tastes.
Some of the newest features added to the 2010 Honda Accord are an expanded application of Bluetooth HandfreeLink to vehicles equipped with leather seating surfaces and new rear seat ventilation ducts on Accord Sedan EX and EX-L models for more-direct rear passenger airflow. Some of the more subtle added features of the 2010 Honda Accord are graphically optimized climate control buttons and the addition of a trunk roof lining on Accord EX models. “The Honda Accord offers something for a diverse range of people seeking anything from a comfortable family car to an aggressive coupe with looks and power,” said Erik Berkman, vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “The feature changes to the 2010 Honda Accord elevates its appeal and supports a legendary reputation as a class leader for quality and customer satisfaction.”
Interior styling for the new 2010 Honda Accord seeks to provide attainable luxury with generous standard equipment. Available premium features include the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation1 System™ with Voice Activation and XM® Radio. New for 2010, a more-contrasting “lighter” gray color theme for the climate control buttons on all models helps to better differentiate the system controls in relation to nearby dark gray audio system buttons.
Whether your looking for a family friendly car or a vehicle that can drive you and your friends to the beach, the 2010 Honda Accord appeals to all. For more information on how you can purchase your 2010 Honda Accord in Miami contact Brickell Honda at 888-407-9334 or visit them online at

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Leasing a Honda Accord in Miami can Leave you With Extra Pocket Change

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Thinking about getting a lease? You should put the Honda Accord at the top of your list. Leasing is the alternative to buying. It gives you the flexibility to have a different car within fewer years. We all enjoy some changes in our life sometimes, and being able to drive a new car every few years is a good change.

The Honda Accord lease is the answer for many. The Honda Accord has won a record 22 straight Car & Driver 10 Best Awards.  It is by far one of the best all around cars in the market. It features a comfortable and roomy interior.  It has an outstanding safety record. The Honda Accord is known as a family sedan but it is also a fun ride.

On the financial side, leasing a Honda Accord allows you to pay only a portion of the cost of the car.  Essentially you are only paying for what you are using.  A lease also gives you the option to make a down payment.  Your lease payments will be lower than loan payments, giving you the option to put your money into more productive uses.  You will not have to worry on major repairs.

Leasing a Honda Accord is a very smart decision. You will enjoy driving a new car every 2-3 year, have lower monthly payments and you will always be driving a car with the latest safety features. Leasing a Honda Accord can be your smart decision.  For more information on how you can lease a Honda Accord in Miami contact Brickell Honda at 888-407-9334 or visit them online at

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Clearance Specials at Your Local Miami Honda Dealership

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The summer is almost ending yet Honda Clearance specials are just getting started. Stop by Brickell Honda to get the latest deals on all Honda vehicles. Now going on for a limited time at Brickell Honda you receive a clearance special on all 2009 Honda vehicles. Brickell Honda needs to get these vehicles off their lot in time for the shipment of 2010 models. This means you get big savings on brand new 2009 model vehicles. Also going on in Brickell Honda of Miami is low payments specials when you turn in the old clunker sitting in your driveway. Get the 2009 Honda CR-V for $209 a month, NO money down. The first payment and a clunker worth $4500 are required for qualification. Don’t have a clunker? Well Brickell Honda can accommodate you as well. Get a new 2009 Honda Civic for only $199 a month. Did we mention that with every new car purchase made at Brickell Honda you can receive a free 42” plasma TV or a free 5 day cruise trip?  Not to mention all new Honda car buyers qualify for the Brickell Plus program. Through the Brickell Plus program, all new Honda car buyers receive free oil changes for up to 60,000 miles not to mention other discount and rebates.
To find out more information on Brickell Honda and how to receive these special offers, visit them online at

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Choose a Miami Honda for Safety and Fuel Efficiency

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Honda for Safety and Fuel efficiency in Miami

Honda has just introduced a new PC-based driving simulator, which comes complete with steering wheel and pedals. It will be available in Japan for about $2200-$3100 US, but it is not completely clear whether or not it will be released in the US.

This simulator is special for a number of reasons, aside from the fact that it is PC-based and it is reasonably priced (for driving schools anyway). This simulator is made to teach people fuel-efficient driving techniques, as well as to reinforce the safe driving techniques that are often forgotten over time, and can be customized for beginners or advanced drivers. “Users learn simply by following the on-screen and audio instructions, making an instructor unnecessary”, said Honda in a press release.

This simulator is just a reaffirmation of Honda’s commitment to providing a more safe and fuel-efficient future for everyone. Honda’s vehicles are consistently rated at the top of safety and fuel-efficiency standards, and are the longest-lasting and most reliable cars on the road today. For more information on how to get your own safe and fuel-efficient Honda, check out

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Choose the Honda Civic over the Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus in Miami

August 19, 2009 1 comment

Top Clunker Buys Compared: Toyota Corolla vs Ford Focus vs Honda Civic

By John Voelcker August 7th, 2009

Thinking about trading in your clunker for a nice, new, fuel-efficient car? Take a breath; the first-week success of the Car Allowance Rebate Systems (CARS) program, better known as “Cash for Clunkers,” looks to be continued at least through Labor Day. 
Last Friday, the US House of Representatives to vote to transfer $2 billion to the CARS program from an energy-loan guarantee fund. Yesterday, despite early opposition from Republican Senators, the Senate voted 60-37 to approve the new funding. 
Starting in the last week of July, the program has worked unexpectedly well both in improving gas mileage and boosting new-car sales. Dealers must disable the engines of the cars traded in, though the rest of the vehicle can be sold to dismantlers or recyclers. 
Baseline: 22 mpg or better

The minimum requirement to get a $3,500 allowance is that the new car gets an EPA combined gas-mileage rating of at least 22 miles per gallon. But to get the maximum of $4,500, the new car must be rated at least 10 miles per gallon higher than the trade-in. 
This means lots of low-mileage sport utility vehicles, minivans, and pickup trucks have been traded for compact or midsize sedans and hatchbacks with combined ratings far higher than the base 22 mpg. 
By numbers sold, the top three are the Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, and the Honda Civic. All three are compact four-door sedans, built in North America, whose base prices vary by less than $200, from $15,350 (Corolla) to $15,520 (Focus). 
All three cars get city mileage in the low- to mid-20s, but highway economy figures in the mid- to high-30s. Here’s what you need to know about these top clunker replacements:

Toyota Corrola

The basics: 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 132 hp (XRS, 2.4-liter four-cylinder, 158 hp) 
Price: $15,350 and up 
Fuel economy: 22/35 mpg (manual) 
Rating: 7.8 out of 10 
The 2009 Toyota Corolla is almost a Jekyll-and-Hyde car. The base edition is bland, and suffers when compared to the Honda Civic in both performance and styling. But then there’s the sporty Corolla XRS model, which does better on all counts but costs enough to push it almost into midsize territory. 
We assume that most clunkers buyers will go for the base engine, so that’s what we’re focusing on in this review. 
On the plus side, the latest Corolla is quiet and comfortable. Its controls are entirely intuitive, and it has the rock-solid assembly quality and superb reputation for reliability that most Toyotas (although lately, not all) have enjoyed for decades. 
But offsetting that are a few flaws that disturbed us. While Toyota isn’t known for its styling prowess, the new model is so similar to the previous iterations that we’re hard-press to know whether it’s a 2009 or a 2004. 
More importantly, though, the interior is simply cheaper than we’ve come to expect on Toyotas. The LE adds features, while the XLE gets wood trim, and the XRS adds some leather and better seats. Still, rear seating is tight if you ever need to carry five people. 
Finally, most automatic models still use a four-speed transmission, rather than the five- or even six-speed automatics that are spreading quickly into midsize and even compact cars. That extra gear or two really can boost your fuel economy, and the Corolla’s numbers are in the middle of this pack. 
Despite its blandness, the Toyota Corolla scored 7.8 out of 10 from the editors at, in part because of its extensive safety equipment. 
Our Bottom Line? The 2009 Toyota Corolla is far from the world’s most stylish compact, but the XRS adds a dash of sportiness. Reliability is legendary, safety equipment is lavish, and the interior is serviceable and uncluttered, if unremarkable.

2009 Ford Focus

The basics: 2.0-liter four-cylinder, 140 hp (143 hp, coupe) 
Price: $15,520 and up 
Fuel economy: 24/35 mpg (manual) 
Rating: 7.0 out of 10 
The latest edition of the Ford Focus proves that there’s life left even in older cars, as long as you’re comfortable with the glitzy styling. We also recommend replacing the base trim level with a more upscale version, and adding anti-lock brakes and traction control, which will be money well-spent if you ever need them. 
The styling is a matter of choice; some call it choppy and dull, while others don’t mind it. Thankfully, last year’s garish chrome fender vents quietly vanished for 2009. The comfortable, quiet interior of the Focus should keep you happy even on miserable roads. 
But the knockout feature is clearly Ford’s SYNC system. Neither the Toyota Corolla nor the Honda Civic have anything close to it, and it’s the factor that’s kept the aging Focus toward the top of the sales charts. 
Sync isn’t standard, but more than two-thirds of Focus orders include it, and we’re big fans. It lets you pair your phone to the car and use hands-free voice commands to dial friends, change entertainment channels, and manage other options. 
Keeping your hands on the steering wheel is one of the safer things you can do, of course. And coming up for 2010 is a 911 Assist feature that automatically dials 911 through your linked phone if an airbag deploys. (It will be an upgrade for 2009 models too.) 
The Focus leads the pack on city gas mileage, getting 24/35 mpg with either manual or automatic transmissions. We’re not happy that the base cars omit stability control and even anti-lock brakes; in 2009, that’s just a way to compete on price while pumping up the sticker for buyers who want those critical safety features. Technology aside, the Focus isn’t the most compelling drive in the world. The handling is soft and numb, especially compared to the sporty Civic, and the back seat’s far from roomy in the coupe (sedans are pretty cozy, though). 
Overall, the Focus scores a 7.0 out of 10 from TCC’s editors, penalized most for its looks and lack of some standard safety equipment. 
Our Bottom Line? The 2009 Ford Focus is a good, solid choice if you’re looking for a roomy car that rides well, especially if you prefer a domestic brand or you’re intrigued by Ford’s recent success. But while the price starts around $15,000, you will want to add optional ABS and stability control, which will boost that bottom line.

2009 Honda Civic

The basics: 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 140 horsepower 
Price: $15,505 and up 
Fuel economy: 26/34 mpg to 25/36 mpg (base to EX-L sedans, manual and automatic transmissions) 
Rating: 8.6 out of 10 
The perennial sales leader among compact four-doors, the Honda Civic is far sportier and “younger feeling” than either the Toyota Corolla or the Ford Focus. It has less interior space, but offsets that with excellent driving feel, fuel economy, and quality. 
Even the base DX versions feel energetic, though the 1.8-liter four is slightly smaller (and higher revving) than those in the Corolla and Focus. The Civic’s sweet manual transmission is a joy to stir, mating perfectly with the engine. The automatic’s good too–and, as is increasingly common, beats the manual for fuel economy. 
The Civic built Honda’s reputation in the US for smart, fun, realiable transportation, and on that front, nothing’s changed. Safety gear is comprehensive–stability control is an option only on base models–but crash test scores are strong. The ride is firm and direct, even a little busy, unlike the Corolla and Focus which both tend more toward the slushy. 
Unlike the competition, Honda offers both a mild hybrid and a natural-gas version, the only carmaker to do so. Daring drivers will go for the Civic Si model, with its stratospheric redline and six-speed shifter. 
You might not care for the latest Civic’s fast, wedgy shape, and it definitely damages rear-seat space. The interior, particularly the tiered instrument panel, has an unusual design that looks like nothing so much as a starship command deck. 
Despite these minor quibbles, gave the Honda 8.6 points out of 10, enough to bring it to the head of this group. 
Our Bottom Line? The Honda Civic lineup rates well for safety, handling, and overall frugality, though those who plan to carry cargo or frequent backseat passengers should look elsewhere. 
Other Competition

Other compact four-door sedans remain in the hunt with the Corolla, Focus, and Civic. The new 2010 Kia Forte is a strong contender in every way—a surprisingly good-looking, enjoyable-to-drive car that will hold the budget down. The Hyundai Elantra is another top pick in this class, but the Forte is cleaner and more elegant from the outside. 
The Chevrolet Cobalt is especially roomy and has a good ride, but skimps on the features, has a grim interior, and will be replaced next year by the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. 
Finally, TCC has always been fond of the “zoom-zoom” sporty Mazda3, but it has its flaws and loses out on standard equipment. 
By the way, the rest of the Top 10 clunker purchases are: Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Escape (FWD), Dodge Caliber, Honda Fit, and Chevrolet Cobalt. We’ll do more comparisons soon. [Detroit News]
For more information on how you can purchase the Honda Civic in Miami Florida, contact Brickell Honda at 888-407-9334 or visit them online at

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Honda Insight: Another accolade, and readily available at

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Today has been another great day for those green-minded Honda lovers out there. Today, ETA (Environmental Transport Association) of Britain, which is one of the world’s foremost organizations devoted to environmental travel,  published their 2009 results for “green car of the year”. After testing 1300 cars across several different categories including power, fuel efficiency, emissions, and even noise pollution, Honda Insight came out on top of the pack, as it has in many other similar surveys. These amazing cars are now being sold at Brickell Honda of Miami, and you can get your personalized quickquote at

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