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Summer in South Florida the Honda Way

Step One:
Visit BrickellHondaDirect.com to receive a quick quote on the Honda of your choice. BrickellHondaDirect.com is Miami’s fastest-growing way to buy a new Honda, and is an absolutely necessary stop for the serious car shopper in Miami.
Step Two:
Visit Brickell Honda and trade in that old clunker and get extra low payments on your new Honda vehicle purchase.
Step Three:
Buy your ’09 Honda Civic, Fit, Accord, Pilot, Odyssey or CRV at Brickell Honda. Brickell Honda of Miami is currently offering all these models with available sign & drive deals, and/or no money down, with special deals from.
Step Four:
Get a FREE 46” Plasma TV with your new Honda.
Step Five:
Laugh after you realize that anyone else who has brought a new Honda overpaid and didn’t get nearly as good a deal as you got… think about it as outsmarting the competition.
Step Six:
Spend the rest of your summer enjoying your brand-spanking-new Honda and your big-screen 46” plasma-screen TV!
If you want to enjoy your summer like this, too, then hurry to Brickell Honda to take advantage of these offers before it’s too late!

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