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The 2009 Honda CR-V vs. the 2009 Toyota Venza in Miami

The trend for SUV’s has sky rocketed in the last recent years, especially in Miami. Almost every car manufacturer has a line of SUV vehicles equipped with top of the line materials and GPS systems. Some of the well-known reliable car manufacturers that have came out with good quality SUV’s is Honda and Toyota. The two manufactures have been long time competitors since Honda was first introduced in the United States. Now lets compare the two vehicles to see which vehicle gives you the better life long value.
The 2009 Honda CR-V has many pro’s to back it up. Like many Honda products past and present, the 2009 Honda CR-V is a top seller because it just makes sense. Safety? Check. Crash test scores don’t get any better than the CR-V’s. Versatility? Check. Comfort and Convenience? Check. Some con’s associated with the Honda CR-V is that it is underpowered, it has elevated road noise, and the transmission lacks manual mode. Edmunds.com gives the 2009 Honda CR-V an editors rating of 9. The total cash price for a 2009 Honda CR-V is 21,596.
The 2009 Toyota Venza is the ideal family car because of its ability to mix crossover SUV abilities with a wagon. The Toyaota Venza has a long list of pro’s including spacious interior, powerful and efficient engines, pleasant driving demeanor, innovative interior storage and it qualifies as an overall comfortable ride. Some con’s associated with the vehicle include no third row seating, you can’t haul or tow as much as other crossovers, and some consumer say it’s a dull driving experience. The total cash price for a 2009 Toyota Venza is $29,531.
Now lets compare by the numbers. It is obvious which of the two cars can fall in your available monthly budget. The 2009 Toyota Venza cost almost $9,000 dollars more than the 2009 Honda CR-V yet the materials used to build the 2009 Honda CR-V are just as high a quality. According to Edmunds.com the True Cost of Owning a 2009 Toyota Venza is $44,909. This includes depreciation value, taxes, maintenance, gas mileage, etc… The 2009 Honda CR-V has a $35,090 True Cost of Owning value according to Edmunds.com. This means you could be saving close to $20,000 on your next SUV purchase in Miami.
To find out more information on the 2009 Honda CR-V, visit Brickell Honda on 665 SW 8th street or call them at 888-408-9334. You can also find the latest deals on the CR-V and all other Honda vehicles online at www.brickellhonda.com.

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