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Considering a 2009 Honda Accord or a Nissan Altima in Miami

If you live in Miami and are considering buying a new sedan, either a 2009 Honda Accord or a 2009 Nissan Altima, than you landed on the right page.  Sure both cars are loaded with fun and hip features but only one of these two sedans will have you spending at least $2,000 less in three years in repairs and maintenance and give you a higher resale value. Lets take a closer look at these two sedans:
The 2009 Nissan Altima, available as either a coupe or a sedan, is a contemporary stylish and sporty vehicle. Some pros associated with the Nissan Altima are its high-test crash scores, stylish model inside and out, strong engine, and high-grade interior materials. Some cons are mediocre back seat seating and complex option grouping. Some of the Nissan Altima’s top competitors are the Honda Accord, the Saturn Aura, and the Toyota Camry. The National Base Price for the Nissan Altima is $21,040.
The 2009 Honda Accord, available in a coupe or a sedan, offers spaciousness, high quality feel and is reliable. Some pros you will find on the Honda Accord is its ample passenger space, high quality interior, above average steering feel, and it’s high resale value.  Some cons on the Honda Accord are its button heavy center stack and its intrusive road noise. The Honda Accord has been a ‘no-brainer’ for people seeking a mid-sized family sedan for over a decade. It is known for it’s reputation, safety, and most importantly its reliability. The National Base Price for the 2009 Honda Acura EX is $22,955.
Now lets take a look at the comparisons. Although the Honda Accord has a higher National Base price than the Nissan Altima, the Honda Accord has a lower True Cost to Own according to Edmunds.com. The five-year total true cost to own a Honda Accord is $36,987, which includes repairs, maintenance, depreciation, taxes and more. The five-year true cost of owning a Nissan Altima comes to $38,551 and depreciates to $13,000 after 3 years. The Honda Accord depreciates to only $14,945 after three years. There is no question which vehicle is the better option. The Honda Accord will give you a better trade in value deal, or selling deal, and will cost you less in repairs and maintenance for the following 5 years after you purchase it.
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