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Honda Models in Miami Out-do Their Competition

Honda’s leadership in the fuel-economics department is nothing new, and is the product of many years of research and testing within Honda’s innovative automotive technology labs. These labs have recently produced one of the world’s newest and most effective fuel-saving technologies; this technology is called VCM. Perhaps you have heard your “car guy” friends in Miami debating the merits of VCM and its fuel-saving prowess; now you will be able to join their conversation, and speak with authority. No other car company, such as Toyota or Nissan, has been able to accomplish such a thing.

VCM stands for variated cylinder management, and is standard on many Honda models on the market today, such as Accord, Civic, Fit, and Odyssey. VCM saves fuel by actually switching off cylinders as you drive; the action is regulated by a drive-by-wire computer system which smoothes out cylinder transitions and makes cylinder switches imperceptible to the vehicle’s passengers. Cars equipped with VCM are also equipped with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and ACM (Active Control Engine Mount) systems, which also cooperate with VCM to produce the smoothest and quietest engine available. No more listening to the busy streets of Miami while driving down I95. ANC emits out-of-phase sound waves when a VCM engine is running to dampen the cacophonous sounds of low-cylinder operation (similar to what a pair of noise-reducing headphones would do); ACM continually and minutely adjusts the firmness and position of engine mounts to keep engine vibrations from reaching the cabin. That way, the constant cylinder-switching operation of a VCM engine is totally unnoticed by passengers.

Of course, the only way to truly appreciate this technology is to actually drive a car with VCM. More information on how to test-drive and buy your Honda with a VCM-enhanced engine is available at BrickellHondaDirect.com. Once you do get your Honda, make sure you take your favorite “car guys” for a spin around Miami and tell them all about VCM and BrickellHondaDirect- they just might begin to call you a “car guy” too.

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