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Clearance Specials This July at your Local Honda Dealership

The month of July is an awesome time to buy a new Honda in Miami. Local Miami Honda Dealerships are offering clearance sales on all new and used Hondas. Its that time of the year when new inventory comes in and all 2009 and older models must be sold. Honda’s have a lot to offer; besides the amazing deals you will get from buying a Honda on clearance from your local Miami Honda dealership. One reason to buy a Honda now is because they are equipped with the latest technology. Miami residents know how important it is for your car to be up to date and include the latest features.  Many Honda vehicles feature a USB audio interface that allows for the latest iPod models, MP3 players and USB flash drives to played and controlled. Other technological advancements in Honda’s include Honda’s Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and a Satellite-Linked Navigation System. The most important feature a Honda has to offer is safety. Being that we live in a busy city where crazy driving and drivers are around every corner, owning a safe car is vital. Honda has one of the highest percentages of 5-star rated vehicles in NHTSA frontal crash tests.
Driving is a necessity in a busy city like Miami. Although we all complain about the rising price of gas these days, it is something we have to swallow. Honda vehicles offer low fuel costs, which can help save you a significant amount of money each year on gas alone.  Honda has been rated as America’s “Greenest Automaker” by the Union of Concerned Scientist.  Honda is also ranked by ALG as having the highest expected resale value overall, providing owners with a better return on investment if and when the vehicle is sold. Another way Honda vehicles help you keep your money is by providing low ownership costs. Based on Edmunds.com, Honda vehicles have the lowest True Cost to Own in their class. This means you can avoid driving to the mechanic and spending money on getting your vehicle repaired.
We just gave you all the reasons why Honda is a top choice car to buy in Miami and anywhere in the world. Now is the time to buy your New Honda with the Clearance specials going on at your local Honda Dealership. If you live in the Miami area and are in need of a new Honda, visit Brickell Honda for the best deals on your new Honda or visit them online or at shophondamiami.com.

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