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Honda Insight 2010: Top of the Line in Miami

One of the key features that make the 2010 Honda Insight stand out is its price. The Honda insight hybrid is also loaded with features and new “green” technologies.
The Honda Insight electric motor provides additional power during deceleration and acts as a generator to recharge the batteries.
The differences between the 2010 Honda Insight and other new hybrid cars can be easily summarized: The Honda Hybrid is thousands of dollars cheaper, gets comparable fuel economy, has a crisper look and provides a more nimble and enjoyable ride. The vehicle has already racked up independent real-world highway fuel economy tests above 60 mpg. Several car owners have been able to match or exceed the EPA’s original fuel economy estimates.
One key in increasing the fuel efficiency on the Honda Insight was reducing the mass via the extensive use of aluminum and plastic. The Honda Hybrid’s flat underbody and strategically placed air-flow control strakes reduce drag and increase fuel economy. The estimated combined fuel economy according to EPA testing methodology is 41 miles per gallon.

There’s an ECON mode that enhances fuel economy further by resetting the computer system, so the Insight accelerates more slowly and backs off the gas engine quicker. The digital displays on the dashboard display fuel consumption instantaneously. The electronics in the control system are part of Honda’s Eco Assist system, which informs the driver’s economical driving habits by changing the background color of the speedometer.
The Honda Hybrid electric motor provides additional power during deceleration and acts as a generator to recharge the batteries. This is done by using a process called regenerative braking that charges the batteries with up to 50 Amps of current while braking. In addition, the green car has a computer control module that regulates how much power comes from the internal combustion engine.
The Honda Insight electric motor is also used for starting the car. Since it is more powerful than most starters of conventional cars, the vehicle’s electric motor can start the engine nearly instantaneously. This has been a key feature since the first-generation Insight that was produced from 1999 to 2006.
2010 Honda Insight EX Model Includes Additional Features such as alloy wheels, cruise control, 6-speaker audio system with USB audio interface, steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters, Honda Vehicle Stability Assist, and an available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition. The Honda Hybrid EX model also can read flash drives loaded with MP3 or WMA files. The vehicle also offers paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel that give the driver the experience of a seven-speed gearbox.
Sales for the new Honda Hybrid may get a significant boost this year since congress has passed the Cash for Clunkers program. This is a government incentive program that can provide you with a voucher worth $4,500. For details, read our Cash For Clunkers article on how to qualify. This is a great program that could provide you with a greater trade-in value to buy the 2010 Honda Insight. Check out www.brickellhondadirect.com to get a quickquote or more information about Hondas such as the insight, or call or visit Brickell Honda of Miami today for more information.

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