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Perform in Miami with the 2009 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey has been called many names by automotive publications and reviewers, such as ‘the people’s minivan’, ‘the performance mini’, and ‘a true joy to drive’. However, it is not until you actually sit behind the wheel of an Odyssey that you understand what all the hype is about. After having taken a test-drive in one myself, I am now another one of thousands of Honda Odyssey converts in Miami.

Before I actually got behind the wheel, the first thing I noticed was the aggressive, innovative exterior styling on the ’09 Odyssey. The outer styling of the van has changed drastically, and now gives the minivan a stronger, classier presence, without being cheesy. Once you actually get into the Odyssey, you will notice the many creature comforts and features that make the Odyssey the award-winning vehicle it is. I will cover the majority of these features in a later post, but I’ll mention two of my favorites right now- the voice-activated navigation system and the Bluetooth handsfree technology, which help keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road (something many drivers in Miami could- or should- use). Safety is the most important rule to live by while driving.

Once I started up the 2009 Odyssey and got going, I noticed that the van drove more like a 4-door car than a minivan, which is surprising because all of the other minivans I have driven felt like school busses on the road. Thanks to Honda’s noise-cancelling technology, the Odyssey’s engine rumble is all but a whisper to those in the car, especially when compared to that of other minivans. Don’t let the whisper fool you though, the 245-HP 24-valve V-6 VTEC engine with VCM really pushes the Odyssey down the road, and offers the best and smoothest acceleration I have ever experienced in a minivan. Although I am used to navigating my much smaller 4-door Accord through the streets of Miami, maneuvering the Odyssey around corners and within traffic posed no problem at all, and stopping was a breeze.

In conclusion and in summary, The Honda Odyssey drives more like a sedan than a minivan, is long on features and creature comforts, and is short on price for the full package. In contrast to the usual “Soccer Mom” stigma associated with minivans, the official Honda website boldly demands that you “respect the van” and declares that “the van is back”; the 2009 Odyssey definitely goes a long way to make those points clear.

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