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Lease A New Honda In Miami

If you are considering the purchase of a new or certified used Honda, there are many good reasons that make a Honda lease a smart decision. You can drive a new vehicle more often, usually with less money down and a lower monthly payment than with traditional financing. Then, at the end of your Honda lease, you have several options to choose from.

How the Honda Lease Works
When you lease a new Honda Civic or Accord automobile in Miami, you contract to use it for the first – and best – period of its life. Your monthly payment covers the depreciation of the vehicle, plus a service fee. That means that you pay only for the portion of the vehicle’s worth that you are actually going to use. In a lease, your mileage is generally limited to 12,000 or 15,000 miles per year, although you can “buy” extra miles up front to save excess mileage charges at the end of your lease.

Your monthly lease payment is calculated based on several factors, including the term of the lease, a service charge, the capitalized cost which is based, in part, on the purchase price, and the vehicle’s projected residual value at the end of your lease. A capitalized cost reduction, similar to a down payment, can help reduce your monthly payment. To save time at the dealer, you can even apply for pre-approval online at BrickellHondaDirect.com. Don’t forget to check with your insurance agent to make sure you have sufficient coverage.

Then What?
At the end of your lease, Honda offers a variety of choices. You can continue to lease the vehicle, purchase the vehicle at a predetermined price and keep it, or just return the vehicle and take care of any end-of-term obligations. Best of all, you have the option to return the vehicle and lease again. Honda’s Leadership Leasing Loyalty program makes it easy and affordable to get right into another Honda at the end of your lease.

Why Lease Through a Honda Dealer?
Leasing offers a complete package of convenience, savings, and benefits. In particular, the Honda Leadership Lease program provides several advantages that are not always available from other institutions:

* Generous mileage allowances
* Waiver of excess wear and use charges up to $1,500*
* No disposition fees
* Convenient online account access
* EasyPaySM automatic electronic bill payment
* Gap coverage included at no additional charge

If you have any questions about leasing a Honda, or if you would like to lease a Honda now, go to BrickellHondaDirect.com or visit or call Brickell Honda of Miami (888-259-5362) today.

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