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The 2009 Honda Fit: More then Meets the Eye

We all know that style is paramount in Miami, whether it is the trendiness and style of your clothes, your house, or even what you eat and drink everyday. Of course, what you drive is just as important as any of the things that were just mentioned, and the Honda Fit is tops when it comes to affordable style and overall trendiness.

Ward’s Auto World magazine, “the auto industry’s preferred magazine”, recently named their 2009 winners for “Interior of the Year”. The magazine judged a field of 35 new vehicles from the ’09 and ‘10 model year with all-new interiors or interiors that were upgraded from the previous model year. According to Drew Winter, the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine, “There are certain aspects we look at closely in the Interior of the Year competition, and value is just as important to us as fit-and-finish, styling, comfort and safety… an interior doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, but it does have to convey a sense of high-quality craftsmanship and have pleasing textures and low-gloss surfaces. Electronic systems have to be intuitive and easy to use and not just focus on offering a high number of features and functions. Consumers are becoming a lot savvier about what they want inside their vehicles.”

The Honda Fit was named as winner in the “Economy-Priced” car category. The editors lauded the Fit for its “ingenious second-row flexibility, ample headroom, and premium materials”, and later remarked that “Honda proves an inexpensive car need not feel cheap”. Sounds good to me.

A picture of the 2009 Honda Fit is available for view in the article. For more information and a quote on your Honda Fit, go to Brickell Honda of Miami’s online showroom at www.brickellhondadirect.com .

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