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Cruise Miami Traffic in the 2009 Honda Fit

I have talked about the 2009 Honda Fit and many of its features and awards, and how it is perfect for the Miami lifestyle, but I have never mentioned the most important part of every car (in my opinion, anyway), the sound system. This time, I’ll let Erin Riches, Senior Editor of top car website Edmunds.com do the talking for me.

“I have always liked the Honda Fit, both this generation and the original. I so enjoy this car’s scrappy personality that I tend to be a little too forgiving about its shortcomings. Case in point: I still liked our 2007 Fit after enduring its unsupportive seats and sub-par stereo on a 15-hour drive back from Oregon.

Really, though, I couldn’t own a first-gen Fit without making modifications to its sound system. However, such is not the case with our 2009 Honda Fit Sport’s stereo. While not exactly top of the line, this six-speaker setup is bearable in a supermini. 3 points in its favor:

1. Clean signal from the amplifier. I listen to metal and hip-hop a lot (Talib Kweli for most of the weekend), and so far the Fit’s amp isn’t muddying them up.

2. Good soundstage. No rear subs in the Fit, but the combination of dash tweeters and drivers in each door makes for a pretty spacious feel in this surprisingly roomy hatchback.

3. Decent bass response. I am as surprised as you are, but Talib Kweli’s “Beautiful Struggle” album actually has some punch to it in the 2009 Honda Fit as opposed to sounding flat.”

Point well stated, Erin.

I would also like to add that the Fit includes an iPod-compatible USB jack to make it easy to hook up your digital music player to the stereo. The Fit’s CD-player is also MP3/WMA compatible, and the radio is RDS-equipped. This sound system is just as suitable for those long weekend cruises along the beaches as it is for coping with traffic on weekday mornings. For more information on how you can “get Fit”, including price quotes and further model information, visit www.brickellhondadirect.com.

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