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The Honda Civic Gives you a Natural Miami High

Everyone in Miami knows about Honda’s Civic line, and how reliable, stylish, and well-priced they are; most of Miami’s car lovers know about the various Civic models such as the LX, DX, and EX. But both sets of people may be hard-pressed to tell you anything about the Civic GX.

The Civic GX is just like any other Civic, except that it is the only American-made car built by a major automaker that runs completely on natural gas. It is the only natural gas powered vehicle available in all 50 states, and is classified as an ILEV (inherently low-emissions vehicle) by EPA. The Civic GX received this designation because it produces 90% less emissions than most gasoline-powered cars on the market today, thanks to the fact that it uses natural gas. This Civic does not sacrifice legendary Honda performance, however, and is rated at 36 Miles per Gallon for highway driving (24 MPG city).  Best of all, Civic GX drivers are eligible for a $4000 federal tax credit, and a special HOV-lane sticker, since the GX is classified as a qualified alternative fuel vehicle.

For more information about the Civic GX, contact a Brickell Honda of Miami representative at BrickellHondaDirect.com, or call a representative at 888-259-5362

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