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The 2010 Honda Insight does well overseas and in Miami

 The 2010 Honda insight seems to have caught more buzz internationally then expected. Could it be because it was tagged the cheapest gas-electric hybrid on the market? This is one reason the Honda Insight gained so much attention in the United States and especially Miami. Gas prices have been considerably high in Miami lately and “Miamians” know how to save their money wisely. But not only is the Honda Insight ranked high among Miami fans, it ranked as the top-selling vehicle in Japan for April – the first time a hybrid has clinched that spot.


Honda Motor Co. has pitched the Insight as an affordable hybrid though such vehicles have a bigger price tag than gasoline engine cars because they’re packed with expensive green technology. The starting price for the Honda Insight is $19,800 in Miami. You can check out what specials your local Miami Dealership is offering to get the best price on your 2010 Honda Insight. It was no surprise that Honda sold 10,481 Insight cars in April in Japan, according to data released Monday by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.


But Honda will face tough competition from a revamped version of the world’s top-selling hybrid, the Prius, from Japanese rival Toyota Motor Corp. The revamped Prius is set to be introduced next week and Toyota executives have made clear they are aware of the challenge from the Honda Insight. Toyota is expected to be aggressive with its pricing, although the Prius is a bigger car than the Insight and would be expected to carry a higher price tag.


Interest in ecological cars, especially in Miami, is growing because of government incentives for green technology as part of efforts to stimulate spending amid a recession. Being that the Honda Insight gives you the best return on investment, it is definitely the way to proceed in going green in Miami. To learn more about the 2010 Honda Insight visit your Local Honda Dealership.

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