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Honda: Smart Shopping in Miami at its Finest

My Mother is a special woman, and is probably one of the most passionate value hunters in the United States. When I was growing up, she would often get to my Dad’s Sunday Miami Herald newspaper before he would, just so she could clip the coupons and scour the circulars from the various stores around town.. She taught me the satisfaction that could be felt from discovering relevant 2-for-1 deals or getting your coupons doubled at the supermarket. She would tell me, “the key to smart shopping is making sure that the products you buy are as high in quality as possible for the lowest price possible, and sometimes it takes a little research to find these deals”.

Now I am ‘all grown up’ as they say, and I still follow her example in being a smart consumer. Over the years, my friends would rib me about my smart shopping habits, until today’s hard times forced all of my friends to become smart shoppers too. So, with me being the way I am, I did a little research to figure out what and who makes the true smart shopper’s car. Of course I had to consider things such as miles per gallon ratings, reliability, and service; I also considered style and function as well, because there’s no use in saving money if you don’t look good in the end, right?

I began by getting in touch my friends at Brickell Honda Miami, because I figured that they would know who or what to refer to for my search. Luckily, the folks at Brickell Honda pointed me to a very useful resource- Edmunds Car Guide (www.edmunds.com). Edmunds releases a figure annually called True Cost to Own® for every vehicle on the market.  The True Cost to Own® (TCO) resource is promised to help you “discover true value beyond sticker price”, and it does. The True Cost is evaluated based upon 7 attributes besides sticker price (depreciation, fees and taxes, fuel, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and financing) that can drastically drive up the cost of owning a new vehicle over 5 years.

One key feature of the Edmunds.com is the ability to compare the “True Cost” of similar vehicles. I began by comparing the Honda Accord to other cars in its class. The TCO of the Honda Accord was at the top of its class, and well ahead of its closest competitors. When I checked the Honda Civic, it was the same story. I ended up going through all the rest of the Honda vehicles’ TCO’s, and of the eight I found on the site (Accord, Civic, CR-V, Element, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline), 6 were ranked at the top of their class (the other two were ranked second in their class). Those are some impressive stats if you ask me; it is clear that Honda is the top car brand for value in America, and is the brand that all true smart-shoppers should trust. My mother would definitely say so.

For quotes and more information on Honda vehicles, visit www.brickellhondadirect.com

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