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Miami’s Greenest Automaker is Honda

Even though the year is not even halfway over yet, 2009 has bought forth a slew of awards for Honda. Perhaps the greatest award though, is one that is relatively unknown when compared to some of the others, but is surely the one with the furthest-reaching implications, especially for all of us in coastal towns and cities such as Miami.
Honda was just recognized as ‘America’s greenest automaker’ by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). UCS awards this award biannually to the major carmaker whose new car models produce the least smog and global warming pollution, and this is the fourth time Honda has received this award… in a row! This just goes to prove something that all of us Honda owners in Miami know: not only are Hondas sleek, safe, reliable, affordable and fun to drive; they are also a great investment for the future.
For more information on Union of Concerned Scientists and their work, visit http://www.UCSUSA.org
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