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Graduate in Miami and recieve Honda Benefits

If you have just graduated within the last 4 years or will be graduating within the next 4 months with your Associates, Bachelors, Masters Degree, or Nursing Certification from one of Miami’s local colleges such as FIU, Miami-Dade College, University of Miami, or Barry University, then first of all, congratulation is in order. Secondly, it may be the best time of your life to finally look into buying that new Honda you’ve been wanting.

Honda Financial offers a special program for recent graduates and soon-to-be graduates known as the Honda Graduate Program. This program is specially designed for young professionals such as yourself, and all you need when you show up to Brickell Honda of Miami is a verifiable proof of employment or solid proof that you’re soon-to-be employed, your diploma, a valid driver’s license, and your social security card. Once you show up at the Brickell Honda of Miami dealership, the graduate program makes it a lot easier to be approved, and to have a smaller down payment at that. The best thing is that once you actually are approved and paying on your car, you begin to build up credit, which makes it easier to buy a house or another large credit-based purchase.
But before you actually visit Brickell Honda of Miami, it is best to visit BrickellHondaDirect.com, for your free haggle-free Brickell Honda of Miami price quote. Here, you can get information on the various Honda models, and can see which one fits your lifestyle best.

Things are hard enough in Miami when you finally graduate from college, so why not make it easier on yourself by trying out the Honda Graduate Program at Brickell Honda of Miami?

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