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Fuel Efficient Honda Dealers in Miami offer the 2009 Honda Fit

Summer can only mean a few things in Miami- besides more fun, temperature and gas prices are sure to skyrocket. According to data from miamigasprices.com, which lists the highest and lowest gas prices in Miami, gas prices in Miami are steadily rising, and will easily break the $3.00 mark once again, possibly by the end of the month, and may even top $4.00 again by the end of the summer months (yes, even with today’s economic downturn).  What’s a driver to do?

Well, I would suggest taking personal revenge on the gas companies by looking into a new Brickell Honda. Honda makes the most fuel-efficient and fun cars on the market today, and has multiple hybrid options for the ecologically conscious car buyer to select from, including the Insight hybrid, which gets over 60 miles to each gallon.

At Brickell Honda, you can also get the latest deals on the 2009 Honda Fit which will surely save you money on gas. The Honda Fit is equipped with 117-hp 1.5-liter, 16-valve, SOHC i-VTEC® engine, along with the Drive-by-Wire™ throttle system, which provides remarkable fuel economy. In fact, the base Fit with automatic transmission achieves 28 city/35 highway mpg. And all Fit vehicles run on regular unleaded gas. In order to get a quote or more information on one of these fun driving machines, check out http://www.brickellhondadirect.com, or call 888-259-5362.

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