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The Honda Element SC in Miami

The Honda Element SC (SC is short for Street Custom) is the perfect vehicle for the Miami lifestyle: work hard at day, play hard at night. The Element SC is basically an urban version of the original Element: appearance-wise, the SC no longer has Element’s trademark multicolored panels on the side of the car, but the entire vehicle is one color, and the wheels and tires have been designed to give the SC a lower, more aggressive and street-wise profile.
One of the first things you notice on the interior of the SC is the modern styling of the dashboard console. Honestly, it is one of the most impressive, yet simple stylings that I have ever seen on a factory car. The seats can be easily adjusted (or removed) to form more than 64 different interior configurations for a variety of storage solutions, including one where you can fold all of the seats down (including the driver’s seat) to create a double bed. Sounds on the inside are provided by the 7-speaker 270-watt AM/FM/XM/MP3 & WMA capable CD player/radio, which also has a power and audio jack for a portable music player in the center console. Trust me, the sound system will not leave you disappointed, but possibly in awe, because it (especially the bass) functions incredibly well for a factory sound system. It is excellent for providing the soundtrack to those nights that are just asking for a drive in downtown Miami or a cruise through the beaches.
Once you shift the Element SC to ‘drive’, you may be surprised by the actual performance of the vehicle. It is built on Honda’s ‘Global Compact Platform’ chassis, which makes it similar to a CR-V and closely related to the Civic. The suspension is fully independent and has been finely tuned in the SC to give compact car-like handling, which is perfect for dealing with Miami’s infamous less-than-perfect drivers. As a matter of fact, the SUV-like SC rides and handles just like any car I have ever drove, which is impressive considering the amount of storage space inside. As for the other driving-related specs, a 5-speed automatic transmission is standard on the SC, a 5-speed manual is optional. The engine is definitely up to the task of pushing the SC along, which is once again impressive if you consider the amount of storage room in the SC. The power of this engine does not take away from the fuel efficiency, though, despite the size of the car; the SC gets 22 city and 27 highway miles per gallon, which is duly impressive if you compare those figures to other vehicles within the SC’s class.
Overall, I’d say the Honda Element SC is spacious, stylish, comfortable, and is incredibly versatile- everything that I look for in a vehicle to navigate the urban jungle that is Miami. The SC is available at Brickell Honda of Miami, or at brickellhondadirect.com.
For your personal quote on the Element SC, visit BrickellHondaDirect.com.

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