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Get your 2009 Yukon at your local Miami GMC Dealership

Large SUV’s have been around for more then a decade. As time and tastes change through the years, GMC has been able to appeal to Miami crowds by improving the look and feel of the GMC Yukon. The GMC Yukon has evolved over the years to accommodate the Miami style. Newer models offer numerous amenities, particularly the leather lined Yukon Denali model. Now more refined than ever before, the 2009 GMC Yukon is one of the better full-size SUVs on the market for families who require a roomy, powerful vehicle that doesn’t skimp on utility.

Family drivers in Miami know how important it is to keep their passengers safe and comfortable. This is why Miami drivers seek roomy and spacious cars such as the GMC Yukon to take them to and from their destination. The Yukon has always been a spacious vehicle that balances comfortable passenger accommodations with above-average cargo room. In addition, it has always used body-on-frame construction, providing it with a fair amount of off-road capability along with a stout foundation for towing. A succession of strong V8s has resulted in impressive trailer ratings over the years, as well as ample acceleration in just about any situation.

You can notice the smooth and quite ride while driving through Miami, and handling is surprisingly agile for a 5,500-pound vehicle. Inside, the dash has a sleek, modern design, and materials are attractive and of solid quality. Numerous seating configurations can accommodate anywhere from five to nine passengers, depending on the trim level and options you select. The GMC Yukon is a perfect match for family oriented drivers in Miami, offering them the luxury and comfort they look for in a vehicle. You can find out more about the 2009 GMC Yukon by going to your local Miami dealership or visiting them online to find the latest deals  http://www.brickellgmc.com

2009 Yukon

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