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Honda Dealerships in the Miami Area

Do you know where to find the nearest and most reputable Honda dealership in Miami? Many people aren’t sure which Honda dealership in South Florida offers the best and latest deals on new and used Hondas. There are a list of Miami Honda dealers including Braman Honda, Potamkin Honda, South Honda, Largo Honda, Maroone Honda and Brickell Honda. What differentiates all these dealers from one another is dealer certification and customer satisfaction. The best and most reputable certified Honda dealership in the Miami Area is Brickell Honda. Brickell Honda owners Mario Murgado, Alex Andreus, and Rick Barraza all use to work at Brahman Honda until they started their own Honda Miami dealership in Miami over ten years ago and named it Brickell  Honda. Brickell Honda invites Honda lovers from all parts of Miami to come and visit them to test drive their vehicles. Hialeah, Kendall, Coral Springs, South Miami and many more Miami area dwellers are invited to join in on the Honda fun that is going on at Brickell Honda. At Brickell Honda you can enjoy a long line of Honda vehicles from Accords, Civics, Pilots, Fits, Odysseys, Hybrids, Insight, and Element. Brickell Honda also offers different trim models that are available in their vehicles like LX, EX, EXL, X Sports. See which Honda vehicle fits your everyday Miami style when you take one for a test drive through the Miami streets, at Brickell Honda.

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